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foot pain the in the night

I have given in.... cant fight any more with gp - so now have b12 injection once a month (soon to be downgraded to every three months) - but secretly self inject in between. However much has improved except about every 6 days I have the most dreadful pain in the night in one foot and leg and even codeine plus iberprofin doesnt help. other neuropathic pains have improved, but I could go crazy with the pain when it happens. Grateful for any thoughts............................

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Magnesium ? Many of us are deficient. There is a spray by Better You on-line which you can spray onto the soles of your feet and then pop on some sox before sleep. It can leave a residue. Also massage in extra when you have the pain.

Hope it helps 😊


Ibuprofen didn't help me. What did help was gabapentin 300 mg three times a day. The first night was fantastic - the first time I'd slept for more than 5 hours in ages.

What sort of pain is it? Mine was sudden stabbing, as if some evil gnome was slipping a long needle into my foot.

Mine, apparently, isn't due to B12 deficiency - says my neurologist. We're currently working on other possibilities.


that is so interesting - I have been on gaberpentin and then moved on to Pregaberlin - most of the problems have improved - except at times for this terrible pain. I described it as if a knife is grinding around in my foot and it might well be your evil gnome having a go at me. my neurologist ponders over whether this is to do with the b12 deficiency... so watch this space and I will watch yours!

\Will also research the magnesium idea that you Marz


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