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bin a long road

hi not bin on for a while ,thought id update from profile last .well after loads of reading and councilling ,and thinking im crazy i now know iv had two stress breakdowns and the last one i wrote about has triggered ptsd from work .The more iv exepted it wasnt my b12 ,and it was ongoing trauma from harrastment the more it fit .i still have bad days and still dnt go out, but the flashbacks and disstolation av eased up .The person i was has gone but im starting cbt soon and have learnt whos there and whos not .If it wasnt for the advice and support iv had on this site i wouldnt av known all the information i do about my pernisous aneamea which id took for granted for years and is at a good stage now .meditation has helped but i know its a long process . iv sent a formal grievance in which i had to do to help my healing process by writing it a down. i cant go back as work which is why iv also done it as work is the trigger and writing my grievance was emotioally draining. The tics and anxiety symtems are the reasons for isolation iv learned this by accepting things i wernt aware investigation has bin three weeks now and im still on sik from work,but i was shown a article in local paper the week after i sent my letter that watchfog and cqc were in work and there leadership skills and breach of saftey wer wondering iv this is why iv still not heard from independant manager on my case.its driving me mad not knowing and scared the stress will be back,iv learnt alot by reading employment law ,as iv lost everything ,home,job and fam and friends through isolation and once this is awknowlaged i can get closure to get better so hoping i dont av to go to tribunal as im in a union .my profile has been a journey of this process from start to hopefully finding a new path and outlook on life .keep u updated on next chapter xxx thankyou all

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Hi Leigh6873. It's so lovely to get your update. I clearly remember your last post and it sounds as if a lot has happened since then.

It sounds as if your PA is finally under control so well done on that (I assume you're now able to get enough B12 to keep you well?). I'm hoping that your sister softened her stance and was able to help you 😀.

It also sounds as if the PTSD is more under control and I'm sure that the upcoming CBT will help even more.

The work thing - well, what can I say. It was fairly obvious, from your posts, that something in that area was really amiss. The fact that they are now being investigated by the Quality Care Commission for leadership skills (and probably other things too) must make you realise that the problems you experienced were real, and to a large extent beyond your control 😀.

I understand what you mean about hoping it doesn't come to having to attend a tribunal. These, by nature, are very stressful so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that matters can be resolved without that. I think the most important thing is that this doesn't overwhelm you and set you back again. I know it's very difficult but just take a deep breath, try to stand back from it, and view it as a process that just has to run its course. But oh if it were that easy 😀.

I'm really sorry about your sense of loss and isolation but love the way you talk of finding a new path and outlook on life. It sounds like you've discovered a new-found sense of hope and an inkling that things can be better for you in the future. And that makes me feel so very pleased 😀.

Anyway Leigh6873, I wish you the very best of everything in your ongoing journey. Please do send updates and keep posting if there's ever anything people can do to help.

Good luck. Hug hug hug X


Hi again Leigh6873.

Here's an afterthought. Don't know if you are aware but there are forums here on Health Unlocked for both PTSD and Anxiety. Both will be full of people who experience the same things as you and may be able to offer tips to help you.

And it might just help a little with your sense of isolation...even if only in the virtual world 😀.

Take very good care x

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thankyou this group has helped me see other peoples worries as well as my own uv bin ther though my hardest times and see people who r strangers can be your greatest support thankyou let u know next hurdle and the outcome xxxx

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