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How often should I inject?

OK, I've taken the plunge and ordered injectable hydroxocobalamin from Germany. I'm not madly keen on the idea of putting a needle into my skin, but I'm desperate and my GP won't go any further than once every eight weeks. He's only agreed eight because I'm very vocal and I'm an NHS professional.

Please can someone advise how often I should start injecting? I know I'll have to experiment to get the dose right for me, but what would be a good frequency to start?

(At the moment, I'm supplementing with the Jarrow's 5000 sublinguals, 3 or 4 a day, but they're barely noticeable).

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A lot of people find the sublinguals don't do anything for them.

My process of determining what treatment worked was to keep a diary of my symptoms and to identify the one that best indicated my treatment needs. I settled on my fatigue level, which I scored from 0 (feel like Superman) to 10 (can't get out of bed). Then I kept a record of my treatment and adjusted it to try to minimise the peaks of fatigue. You can see the results here -

You can see how I varied the time between injections to settle on something that worked.

I now inject every week (on a Tuesday) unless I know I'm in for a busy weekend, when I add one on a Friday.

How soon after your 8-weekly jabs do you start feeling rough? That would probably be a good interval to start with.


Thank you. Looks like the patches didn't do much for you!

I've only had my loading doses, but I could start to feel the effects of them wearing off a bit after a week, and definitely after two weeks. Would you say that starting with weekly might be a good plan, to get my levels up? My eye is twitching and it's driving me nuts, and I'd love some sleep!


Yes, the patches were fairly useless for me. But it took my diary to confirm it.

Personally, I would start off fortnightly, then reduce the gap.


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