Any new ways of obtaining b12 injections?

I have been injecting myself for quite some time now with the information and help from this site. I am using but they are very slow to respond becasuse they are a non profit charity. It recently took me a whole month to receive my b12 from them and all the time my symptoms were getting worse. I was getting anxiety over wondering if it would even come at all!

I haven't posted on this site for a while and am not up to speed on any improvement or different ways people are aquiring b12 online now. Any information would be greatly recived thank you. :)

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  • Most get their ampoules from Germany. There are a few reliable sites online. I get mine from Versandapotheke, partly because they have an English translation available, partly because they do 1500 ug in 1 ml ampoules of hydroxocobalamin.

  • I recently starting SI and I got mine from Versandapo, as well. Very easy transaction. I emailed them telling them what I wanted and asked them for the link. They responded very quickly, and the ampoules are the exact same ones as send out. They are very efficient and I was able to pay by Paypal.

  • Hi Krealan. Sorry to hear about the long wait for your B12. If it's any comfort, I had to wait several weeks for my latest batch. As you say, the charity can't send out B12 very often.

    I have ordered hyroxo-B12 from an efficient marketplace pharmacist on If you don't read German, there is a handy little tool on the home page. Just to the left of the 'Hallo! Anmelden mein Konto' button (the sign-in button), there is a small one labelled 'DE', with a globe symbol. Clicking on it will bring up a menu, where you can select English. Then click on the button labelled 'Anderungen speichern' for the translation to take effect. (The capital 'A' on the button has an umlaut over it, but I can't reproduce it here.) Not everything on every page will be translated, but there should be enough to make a purchase.

    I find it's worth buying from because you can just sign in with your Amazon UK details and pay in the usual way. If you have any problems with purchasing, send me a PM and I'll help you out.

  • Hello I'm new to this site a would like a little more information on the brand you use and needles (a photo would be great help) I have looked on the amazon site you have suggested but they have a lot to choose from and I'm not sure which to try. At the moment I have my injection every 10 weeks but feel need more. Thanks in advance.

  • This is the brand and pack size I bought, but it came from the Petersberg pharmacy, rather than the one listed.

    I get needles and syringes from Medisave:

    The sizes you need will depend on whether you are injecting SC or IM.

  • Thank you :)

  • Lesley I was trying to link you to others on Amazon but health unloacked is blocking my post due to the links but if you go to amazon de and search on the following you will find them. Also I mention a site above which is where I get everythign I need for injecting, they might be a better option for you.

    Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Injektion 10 Ampullen Cyanocobalamin

    Vitamin B12 Hydroxocobalamin Injektion 5,000mcg Dodecavit 6 x 1 ml Ampullen

    Vitamin B12 500 mcg Injektion 10 Ampullen Methylcobalamin

    Vitamin B12 5000 mcg Injektion 10 Ampullen Cyanocobalamin

  • What is the safest way to inject using an ampoule? I have only ever dealt with drawing the b12 from vials from

    Another thing 55 euro for 100 ampoules for 1mg each sounds like an amazing deal when I think I would be injecting once or twice a year. It would last over a year which sounds amazing!

  • Prepare your syringe and needle(s). Most people like to use a larger (green) needle to draw the solution up into the syringe and then swap it for a smaller (blue or purple) needle for the injection. The needle used to draw it up can get blunted on the glass - which makes it more painful.

    There's a whole thread here - - about opening the ampoules.

  • I read somewhere that you need to use a filter needle because of the potential of tiny pieces of glass being draw into the syringe? Thanks for all this information it is making me feel very confident going forward with this route! :)

  • I use a filter needle to draw up from an ampoule. I'll look for the details if you need them.

    There have been reports of phlebitis caused by infusion of tiny glass particles via standard needles, but I don't have any figures for the degree of risk. A lot of people manage fine with any large gauge long needle, then swap to another for injection.

  • i do exactly what my practice nurse did. So I don't bother using a filter to draw it up.

  • I just change needles from drawing up to injecting. I never use or have ever used a filter needle, neither does the practice nurse.

  • I have asked 3 doctors about this and they all say it is not necessary but if you are worried use one syringe for drawing and another for injecting.

  • Krealan if you go to this youtube link you will see how to clean the amp and how to inject safely. These are what I used and they really helped set my nervous mind at ease.

  • I have been using for about a year and they are always quick to respond and informative. They carry all 3 kinds of B12 and supplies. The delivery to the UK is maximum 2 weeks, sometimes it has arrived within a week. Hope this helps.

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