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Twitchy, vibrating hand

I've heard of many suffering from strange sensations whilst B12 deficient. I'm 4 1/2 months into injecting daily and just today my left hand has started to vibrate and twitch. It feels shaky. Prior to this I had joint pain and weakness in this arm but these sensations are new.

Is this a sign that any neuropathy is worsening? Or is this a sign of nerve healing?

Grateful to anybody willing to share their own stories/experiences of recovery!

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Hi Booksellercate I'm not medically qualified but I understand that you cannot "overdose" on B12.

However after after something like 135 daily injections perhaps you could try going onto alternate days for a while and see if that eases the vibration and twitching. Just a thought.

I hope it improves soon.


What does it feel like to you? I would trust your instincts first.

Are you getting enough (lots of) potassium and magnesium? If you increase either or both of these does it help?

Ideally you will get these from your diet but if you Google them and think you might be short you can try a little LoSalt, available from some independent stores, to increase your potassium and Epsom Salts, available from pharmacies and supermarkets to increase your magnesium. It is often better to bath in the Epsom Salts as they are a remedy for constipation but you can try taking a little and see if it helps.

If you get an improvement in your symptoms you can then look at other sources and refining what you will need long term.

For more information you could look up my profile and see my post, "My Experiences".

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Forgot to say...

Are your levels of folate, iron and other vitamins and minerals all as good as possible too?

I've been SI daily for over a year and even only last week my bottom and pelvis area was sore and odd for no reason. This week I can now feel things that I haven't been able to feel for years, like my clothes and what I'm sitting on, and my cheeks are warm for the first time I can ever remember!

Well done so far - I hope your improvements continue!


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