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Private PA test needed

Long story short - NHS won't test me for PA cos my b12 level has only dipped previously at 200 and needs to be below 180 despite having a consistently high folate level. I want to pay for a PA test myself. What and where would you advise? If it comes back positive will the NHS treat me or will I have to pay for my own b12 jabs? Many thanks. Steve

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It seems that Blue Horizon off an anti-IF test -

But, remember, even if you have PA there's a 50% chance of it coming back negative.

Will the doctor react favourably to a private test that come back positive? It depends on the doc.


Do what I did . My level of B12 was 150 and my doctor thought that was OK . I went to a private GP at a Nuffield Hospital , who tested me for antibodies to Intrinsic Factor . Came back positive . I took the letter to my GP who started treatment immediately . Cost ----private GP consultation £90 ( 3/4hour) blood test £70 . These are prices from 2 years ago. GP probably pleased that I paid for my own test ! Best wishes to you !


Forgot to say that at the time of my test , my B12 level was sky high because I had supplemented with B12 sub- lingual lozenges and B12 patches all over my body as I felt so desperate !


Oh fab sounds exactly like me. I'll give them a try, thanks

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Has your GP seen page 29 of the BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines? it might be worth you having a look as well, at this page.

This outlines the process doctors should follow with someone they think may have b12 deficiency. It includes when to order an IFA (intrinsic factor antibody) test. the page also mentions Antibody Negative PA, making it clear that peopel can still have pA even if IFA test is negative.

It might be worth you having one more attempt to get your doctor to order an IFA test before paying privately.


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