Interesting on the NHS questionnaire for depression

About 19.30 minutes into the episode he goes through the on-line questionnaire and pulls it apart - does it himself and comes out as moderately depressed - and points out that it focuses on the negative and doesn't look at any positives so is skewed ... and the punch line is that it was developed by a drug company who make anti-depressants.

Very interesting - as was the first program - in trying to expose what is going on with the pharmacy business.

Doubt it will get the questionnaire redrawn in the near future ... have hated it ever since I realised that a B12 deficient person was going to score high on it even if they weren't suffering from any of the mood related effects of B12 deficiency.

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  • I have always been extremely sceptical of this approach because:

    Anyone with a few brain cells could swing the results;

    Repeated taking of these must induce some sort either doing the same every time, or changing for the sake of it, rather than "real" answers.

  • I got so depressed before my P.A. diagnosis 45 years ago that I was put on Valium, Librium and Tofranil all at the same time and yet apparently, a diet of raw liver three times a day would have sufficed :)

  • Crazy notion!

  • The thought of eating raw liver 3 times a day is so depressing!

  • Fortunately I was offered the alternative of injections of cyanocobalamin 1000mcg every four weeks for the rest of my life. I took it and I'm still "clivealive" at 75 :)

  • Thanks for putting that up! Yes it's a most interesting programme . Showing us another way that doctors are manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry . That questionnaire is really shocking . Why do doctors accept and use it ?

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