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Shame on the NHS and its guidlines !!

I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency approx 5 years ago. My original doctor did the routine first weeks and then i went the 12 weeks with no to say i didnt do well. I can only describe it as the worst case of flu ever..... I then had it 2 weeks later which my employers weren't best pleased with.

My doctor agreed to move me to 8 weeks but after 6 months i requested to be moved to 6 weeks as i was having horrible symptoms e.g hiccups 10 times a day, horrendous stomach acid burning up my throat, lack of sleep, headaches and my eyes would flick side to side very fast.

After being on B12 injections every 6 weeks for 4 yrs, i got new doctors !!! As they took over the practice. I was called into an appointment and told that under the NHS guidelines there was no reason for me to have injections so close together. I tried to explain my symptoms and she actually turned to be with a very patronizing smile and said that it was all in my head !!! That my symptoms werent real !! I was enraged but didnt say anything. I could see from her blank look that i could talk till i was blue in the face and she wouldnt hear a word of it. So i left and spent the next week feverishly researching anything i could buy that was b12.

I ended up buying patches on Amazon which did work, however the sticky stuff gave me a rash where i stuck it.

I went to my doctors this week for my 9 week injection to be told its going to 12 weeks. I nearly cried, i was so upset that after all these years the new doctors were just going to un-do the last 5 yrs.

My colleague at work has been made so ill due to her injections being at 12 weeks. She managed to get them down to 10 weeks. But she now has blurred vision (she lost her sight for 3 months), the nerve damage to her leg and foot means she now has to drag it almost because it wont move itself and she has numb hands. Its been awful to watch her deterioration and i fear that this will be a much more frequent thing if all doctors go to 12 weekly injections.

They say that everyone is the same but that is utter rubbish !!!Everyone i have met with this condition does not work well on 12 weeks and the NHS and their guidelines are a load of rubbish.

Thankfully today i have come across this page and ordered some b12 ampoules from germany. I cant wait to start self-injecting because i know i will be so much better for it. And i know my work colleague will be so glad to know she can also help herself to get a bit better. As the damage that she now lives with will probably not go away now. But atleast she can help herself a little and prevent any further damage from occuring.

Thanks to all of you who have posted your experiences you have helped me, my sister and my work colleague greatly by providing us with a brighter future 😌

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Well done ! If you need further help, you know where to come !I've been self- injecting for 2 years now , after having a similar experience to yours . Of course you will be nervous at first but it will become routine , and you won't turn a hair ! Very best wishes .


Thanks Wedgewood. I ordered yesterday, its such a relief to know i can manage my health again without having to fight my doctors on it every step of the way. I don't particularly mind needles but will see how it feels when im the one injecting it lol


Can I ask where you buy it from


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