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update with gp

I am into a three monthly 'programme' of one b12 injection every four weks. however, two weeks into this I have gone nearly crazy with return of neurological symptoms - sever foot pain and very painful legs. I asked for an emergency appointment and the 'new' gp listened and said I will give you a b12 - but beware you cannot have another for 4 weeks or we will all be in trouble. gave me the b12 - on my way out the nurse offered me a flu jab and I mentioned I had just had a b12. Her hand flew to her face and she said oh no! the gp shouldn't have done that. don't tell anybody.

I am sick and tired of all this cloak and dagger business - what CAN we do. She also said when giving me the b12 'don't think you can ask for another one soon'..... as if we do this for fun!

Three hours later I am already feeling the benefit. but what of the future?

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Wow! jillc39 that's absolutely ludicrous.

I guess it must be down to the wording of the licence for the product that doctors are scared to go outside the boundaries despite the BNF Guidelines stating otherwise.

This "one size fits all" attitude infuriates me and it took me nearly six years to get my frequency of injections increased because of the return of symptoms in the run up to the next one and I've had P.A for 45 years.

Have you thought to join the Pernicious Anaemia Society? It costs just £20 for a year's membership and I understand they will intercede on your behalf with your doctor.

I wish you well for the future.


oh I am a member of PAS and I am coming to the conference.....


What does he mean by: "or we will all be in trouble" and the nurse with: "he shouldn't have done that" ? What trouble ?


I am not clear really - but the nurse said the gp had asked advice from the local committee. over b12 injections. does this make sense to anybody?


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