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Good morning everyone, awful weather but never mind they've promised some nice weather middle of next week, we'll see.

Anyhow, I decided to buy some b12 spray from Holland and Barrett and been using it for for a while now but have ended up with a really sore throat. I know it not a cold as I haven't any other cold symptoms. I've decided to start taking the bullets again instead.

Does anyone else suffer a sore throat after taking b12 spray?? or is it just me!!! 😐

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  • Sorry to read this Bentleyboo. Obviously we are all different but I've had no problem at all with the spray and that's using it four squirts a day for a week in the run up to my next injection. Do you spray under your tongue or into your mouth. I tend to "hold it" as long as I can before swallowing.

    I hope you resolve the problem somehow.

  • Hi Clivealive, I'm giving the spray a bit of a break and taking the bullets (as I call them because they're so big) and hopefully my sore throat will heal. I suffer sjogen which is dry mouth and eye so I'm wondering whether that could have anything to do with it. Dry mouth is awful as I've lost most of my teeth. ☺

  • sorry to hear about the sore throat - hope it does ease.

    very interesting about sjogren's. I actually had the opposite - my saliva ducts can be rather enthusiastic at times ... though its not as bad now (by a long chalk) as it was when I was B12 deficient ... and it hasn't saved my teeth (think that's another common issue for B12 sufferers as there have been a number of posts about issues with bad teeth over the last couple of years). Just thought I'd mention it as there is quite a significant overlap between symptoms of Sjogren's and B12s and it is another one of those conditions where the underlying cause isn't clear - so could be a number of things that could cause it and may be B12 is one, though it does seem to be an auto-immune problem so may just be another example of lots of auto-immune conditions coming along at once.

    I used to have very watery eyes as well that isn't nearly as bad ... my theory would be effects on the autonomic system - signals getting scrambled so responses aren't what they should be ...

    just speculation on my part but thought it was interesting

  • My problem was that since I was a child I would brush my teeth, gloss my teeth and use mouthwash but to no avail. My teeth would just rot and fall out. It was my doc who noticed that I had very dry and itchy eye and asked about my teeth. I told her what teeth as I haven't many left. Then she asked if I have lots of saliva and I told her that I hardly have any. It was then that she told me that I had Sjogen. I try and look after my remaining teeth and have ointment for my eyes, I also drink water alot thought out the day. I'm not very knowledgeable about Sjogrens. ☺

  • dental problems run in my father's side of the family - which is where I think my B12 problems come from ... and my teeth have always been really bad - had my first tooth out at 2 years old ... and it was probably under nitrous oxide which won't have helped.

    I have problems with throat as well - found that using a probiotic honey really helped me - and that was before the B12 deficiency was discovered ... but then I am me so definitely not going to generalise that to everyone else :)

  • Funny enough, dental problems run in my dad's side, he had false teeth at a young age. I hate smiling as I've only 8 teeth left, I've a phobia of dentists as last time I had teeth out they put the injection in the wrong part of my mouth so I cope. My dad got diagnosed with b12 deficiency about 10 yrs ago but didn't tell anyone, I only found out when I told him that I was b12 deficiency. There must be a link with b12 and Sjogrens! !!😊

  • What is probiotic honey? Sounds like something I'd like to take! :-)

  • the obvious example is manuka - but there are other honeys out there that get ratings that vary up to 20. I use one that comes from central america and is fairly traded called ULMO

  • Thanks so much for the info, Gambit62. Much appreciated!

  • Hi!

    Yes, the B12 Boost Spray makes my throat sore if I use it much more than it says to. I now just use it occasionally (normally my jabs are enough) if I'm starting to crash and I'm desperate to keep going for a bit longer. It works really quickly but not for long!

    I lost 4 teeth in the year I was trying to get diagnosis and treatment. The nerves inside the teeth just died and they rotted and crumbled. I hated it and you so have my sympathy. I too had a terribly dry mouth in that year which also is fine now I get enough B12.

    I've nearly always had dry eyes along with loads of other symptoms but the dry mouth was something else!

  • I too hate the dry mouth. I would wake up in the morning with my mouth so dry that I would need a drink. One of my remaining teeth has just started rotting. 😐

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