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B12 deficiency and throat problems

Hi everyone

I've recently just been diagnosed with b12 deficiency. It all started from me feeling unwell and it being put down to a viral infection. Headaches/body aches. It wasn't until time after time of going back to the doctors they tested my b12. I'm just wondering can this affect your throat because I've been battling with a aching and strained throat for over 2 months since this all started. Will the injections make me feel better?

Thankyouu x

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B12 deficiency can cause problem with swallowing.

It will generally lead to a lot of infections - as you have been experiencing ... but it can also be influenced by other things.

I used to have a lot of problems with my throat in terms of infections but a friend recommended using a pro-biotic honey (this was even before B12) and that really worked for me - still have a honey and lemon every morning with the pro-biotic honey.

People respond differently to the injections and it can take a while for things to sort themselves out but, in theory it should improve with time. Probably worth keeping a diary as sometimes changes can be very slow.


Thanks so much for replying. It looks like I must just be dealing with this Side of it then. Hopefully get started on the jabs and I'll feel the difference :) x

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Hi, my daughter's b12 problem started the same way five years ago, over the course of the summer and into autumn, She is a singer and was struggling not only to feel well, but also because it took it's toll on her voice as well, with throat sore and aching. Was tested for glandular fever and as it was negative we asked for b12 test as her sister was b12d. Bingo! After loading doses, about three weeks later, she was singing at a gig and we noticed the difference in her ability to perform. For last 2 1/2 years she's had 7 weekly jabs and we do notice a cycle. By the time we're about 5-6 weeks in she notices the weakness and soreness coming in the throat, (amongst other things), so this is definitely a b12 thing for her. She also found manuka honey helpful when using voice a lot..very expensive though. Are about to redo loading doses and then bring jabs much closer together. Using the voice requires a lot of stamina as well, and that is a struggle.

It takes a bit of time but you should eventually notice a difference I think. :)


This makes so much more sense now, they've tested me twice now for glandular fever and I had to ask for the b12 because I was advised to as my auntie has it. Thank you so much you've calmed my head a little bit more now. Hopefully once I start on the jabs I'll be feeling a lot better :) x


I suggest you also have your IGA levels checked. It's an antibody when born without means you basically have no immune system. My b12 def was enhanced because of my IGA def. It's hereditary. Chronic sinus infections are one symptom. Also ear aches that a doctor cannot find a reason for. Bladder infections. It took 60 years for them to finally diagnose me. It wasn't until my b12 def that they finally believed it wasn't in my head.


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