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Vitamin B12 as Protection for the Aging Brain


Published: Sept. 6, 2016

Depression, dementia and mental impairment are often associated with B12 deficiency.

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  • "If an older person has low-ish B12 levels, I don’t object to taking 500 or 1,000 micrograms a day, but 5,000 is ridiculous.”

    Yep totally ridiculous *hides 5,000 microgram supplement*. :D

    (btw how does one write italics on this forum?)

  • (btw how does one write italics on this forum?)

    Select the text and press CTRL-I. This toggles italics on and off. Similarly, CTRL-B toggles bold and CTRL-U does underlined.

    This works on a PC and, I guess, a Mac (it may be Option- rather than CTRL-). I can't figure out how to do it on an iPad.

  • Oh thanks! I do have a Mac, let me try... testing italics... yes CTRL-I works on a Mac, too. Many thanks! :)

  • Found it an easy read which gives general details of b12d and how it is alleviated. The best comment in it was at the end from retired haemo who says those who need it dont get it and those that dont do! Im sure there are many, many on here who will attest to that!

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