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latest active B12 results, any advise would be appreciated

My latest Blue Horizon test show:

.256.0 - pmol/L - 25.1-165.0

Was: >256.0 - same range in April 2016

On injections every 2nd day since February 2016 - have tried less frequent injection but no go. I also have Hypothyroidism and autoimmune, under treatment for that. All vitamins etc are improving with supplementation but wondered about the level of the above.

Any comments would be of help this end, thank you.

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Active B12 was tested and it's above the reference range which is of course completely normal if you inject so often.


A relief this end but cannot do less injections as symptoms back +++ in no time. Thank you very much for your re-assurance.


You take folate right? Did you also get other things tested. I read somewhere you take iron and several other supplements. Might be worth seeing if they're ok and you still need the supps? Also your thyroid keeps giving problems from what I've read, which could be the main cause of your symptoms. It'so difficult to distinguish if you have several possible causes. I hope you can find out and improve and get better.


I inject once a week. If I don't then I suffer around day 9. This week I forgot until day 10. By then I was exhausted after three lengths of the pool and couldn't face walking the dogs. Today, 24 hours after the injection I'm just getting back to normal after spending 18 hours in bed.

All my levels of everything measurable are normal, except for B12 which is over the top.

I wish I could get somebody to measure some physiological parameters - heart rate, oxygen demand, etc. - two days and two weeks after a jab, just for some physical proof of there being something wrong.


I lasted 2 days but kept trying to get to a week, it was awful but then I know I have quite a bit of nerve damage from years of no diagnosis so to hell with it, I just carry on with every 2nd day and concentrate on getting Thyroid and hashi sorted - knowing I have plenty of spare B12 in my system and hopefully eventually get a balance. Are your thyroid side of things OK?

I didn't give that side of things a thought as I was concentrating on PA, fighting with GP for more frequent jabs to no avail. Got my blood tests results from surgery and found a real mess re vits. etc . plus thyroid a real mess also and have been battling ever since but seeing some light now. Had Blue Horizon tests done for all and with help from thyroid forum started on supplementation. I do tests every so often to check on situation hence my question to day.

Thank you for your insights - every little helps with this nightmare we are in.


Have just had my supplements tested and all are improving, need some tweaks here and there but a big improvement from where I started with help from folk on thyroid forum. Yes it is hard to differentiate between them all but as GPs of no use I will try and keep the PA at a good level so one less to worry about. Thank you again for re-assurance that my active B12 level is not causing any problems too.


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