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I've had a strong word with myself!!

Hi guys ..... So for the last 4-5 months I've been trying to get my Gp to increase my b12 shots (currently 12 weekly) and I SI 6weekly and take at least one jarrows 5000 sub a day. So my Gp wanted a second opinion and sent me to see a general medicine consultant. He insisted on checking my B12 level, and ran through the whole gambit of "placebo effect" "the more people get the more they want" and too much B12 is toxic to the liver, then finishing on ME, FM and CFS. So after being told by my GP and the GM consultant that my symptoms were not b12 related I started to doubt myself. Having just had my b12 levels checked I devised a plan, to stop all supplements and wait for my symptoms to come back. I could then get my GP to check my levels and see how much they had dropped. Good plan I thought this will prove how quickly my body gets rid of the b12.

Fist couple of weeks were ok bit of fatigue and hard to wake and get up, but nothing I couldn't put down to working hard and my age, third week started feeling a bit spaced out like my brain had disconnected itself, bit confused and aching muscles also slightly breathless and really struggling to wake and get up (I am very much a morning person) typical symptoms but nothing that would send me into a panic. Then on Thursday last week I was at work and just felt weird, my insides felt like they were vibrating and I felt very clammy, spaced out and confused. I honestly thought I was going to have another stroke. It came on so suddenly and my work partner was worried so sat me down with a glass of water and after 20 mins it sort of eased off. I always carry some subs in my hand bag so popped one under my tongue, I had another episode the same but less intense and a second sublingual then had to leave work early and go home cause I just felt "wrong" Driving home I hit my wing mirror on a wall and then again on another car, (I did stop and check there was no damage) but I was so disorientated, I continued to feel unwell and had a third sub and an early night. Friday morning I woke feeling great, Ive had a stong word with myself ......,

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If it ever happens again I'd suggest that you arrange a taxi home :)

Sorry - can relate - sort of thing that would happen to me within 24 hours - but that doesn't make it any less scary.


I work with my sister in law and she did offer to drive me home. But in all honesty I hadn't realised how much my peripheral vision had gone or how disconnected my brain was, otherwise I would have accepted her offer, I don't understand how it is that all doctors seem so ignorant about this disease/deficiency. I am very very fed up to be dealing with this for the rest of my life, if I hadn't taken the subs by Friday I don't think I would have been able to get out of bed, and I probably would now be diagnosed with some disease that I don't have......


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