Got PA and Doctor stopped injections

I have confirmed PA and my doctor refuses to give me any more injections as she knows I self inject. Trouble is I had run out and needed my two monthly injection which I was having from my doctor. While I restocked. My doctor has known for two years I self inject but a new doctor joined and refused my injection when i attended my nurse appointment for the b12. where do i stand on this.

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  • "a new doctor joined and refused my injection when i attended my nurse appointment"

    Did the new doctor explain why they were stopping your injections? Was it because they thought your B12 levels were too high?

    Have you had a look at fbirder summary of mainly UK B12 documents? Click on link to his profile page where there is a link to summary. There's also a link to summary in one of the pinned posts on this forum.

  • as per Sleepybunny you need to find out exactly why the GP decided to stop the injection.

    I am not entirely celar when you say you are self injecting if this is from NHS sources or from B12 that you are sourcing yourself - but guess if you were going to nurse for maintenance shots then it was from B12 you are sourcing yourself.

    I am not entirely sure what NHS rules are about treating patients who are treating themselves/going private but if that is about to crop up as a reason for not treating then it would be a worrying development.

    if it is as the result of a blood test showing that your levels are high then the doctor is using bad logic as it isn't the levels in your blood that indicate whether you are getting enough B12 (unless they are low in which case you clearly won't be) but the symptoms that show what is actually happening in your cells.

    You obviously had a good relationship with your previous GP - if they are still there then go back to them. Otherwise you need to try and build a good relationship with the current GP =- although they have obviously got off to a rocky start.

    Please do look through the pinned materials - and if you are a member of the PAS they have a specific letter that you can take to your GP in these circumstances pointing out that stopping injections is NOT a correct treatment response where there is an underlying absorption problem such as PA

  • Gambit, I've just had a look at the PAS website (I'm a member), but can't find the letter. There are a couple of documents in the library, An Update for Health Professionals and Doctors Briefing. Are either of these the documents you meant?

  • The following documents may be of use



    point 13

    must admit that I also can't find the document that I was thinking about.

  • Thanks.

  • same here christmas63 my gp stopped injections once I told her I had had one from a private doctor,,,,,,I simply couldn't wait until the next injection from the practice.... being honest was the beginning of all my trouble.

  • My GP practice withdrew my B12 injections (I have PA) abruptly five years ago, after several complaints about breaches of confidentiality, inadequate treatment for hypothyroidism etc. It was a punishment, basically. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I have learned that, as a patient anyway, honesty doesn't pay.

  • My doctor also stopped my 3 monthly injections when I told her I was self injecting. She said she will not monitor my b12 levels either... not that that matters anyway!

    I'm sure it's just a punishment.

  • Hi,

    Links to Martyn Hooper's blog about people who have PA and have had their injections stopped.

    Are you a PAS member? They can sometimes intervene on the behalf of members.


    PAS tel no 01656 769 717

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