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Pernicious anemia levels and doctors belief of patient needing B12 injections according to the lab levels

I do not know how many patients realize that being in the middle range B12 levels does not mean the patient does not need B12 injections esp when you have thyroid nodules/disease, Narcolespy,pain and on and on. The middle range can cause patients to have neuropsychriatric symptoms, which I was having due to all my meddical issues not being addressed, asessed, misdiagnosed . If your doctor will not listen to your complaints and at least offer you a trial of B12 injections NOT SUBLINGUAL tablets ... they do not work.

I found a caring Palliative care doctor who started me on 1000mcg/day IM for 2 weeks then weekly for 1 month then once a month . I started to feel better after the second week and was able to get out of bed abd it helped with my pain, mood etc... I am seeing a Oncologist thta tells me I am not anemic but she said "i want to keep you on B12 injections for your severe fatique. It has been a long painful journey but I should of nt stuck with doctors too long when I knew they had no care in taking care of patients and alot of negligence in the medical community in the USA

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Hi. Yes, if you read the book by sally pacholok and Jeffery stuart, 'could it be b12?' It states that signs are seen in the cerebral spinal fluid with a blood level below 500. So they suggest 500 to prevent neurological damage and upto 1000 to prevent cognitive impairment.

In the UK the guidelines do state that treatment should be focused on the symptoms and not rely on blood test results. However, doctors are not convinced.

Really glad that you are being treated and starting to feel better. Sublingual lozenges will work for some people, they certainly helped me significantly. Now that I have injections the benefits last longer. Hope you continue to improve. :-)

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Curious that you are seeing an oncologist. I was diagnosed with PA 5 months after my treatment for breast cancer ended. I suffered from severe fatigue for several years after treatment...I'm 5 years out and still have bad days. Some people have fatigue issues 5-10 years after cancer treatment, with that as a possibility plus PA I never know from one day to the next what is causing my fatigue. E.g. the #1 treatment for persistent cancer-related fatigue is exercise, but that can also "use up" B12 stores more quickly. Yesterday I was on the treadmill for 28 minutes. Took me 20 hours to recover.


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