I had posted a pic of the strange red "bruising" under the skin on my left leg. I had several of these and even the doctor didn't know what they were. Someone mentioned platelets but I couldn't get any more information. Thanks to Martyn Hoopers book I came across this condition and it all makes sense now. Before getting my b12 injections I used to get nosebleeds at least once a week,sometimes more often,always my left nostril. I also had bleeding gums. All these symptoms have disappeared since getting b12 could my doctor not put two and two together ???

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  • Hippopotamus .no...nothing like that x

  • My son had spontaneous nose bleeds frequently, low immune system, slow growth and other symptoms of deficiency. Unfortunately I didn't know about B12 deficiency when he was younger. However, I did give him courses of multi vitamins in liquid form due to very frequent infections and tiredness, which perhaps kept him going. By the time I realised he appeared to have symptoms of B12 deficiency, in his late teens, his B12 was low 'normal' and the GP absolutely refused to diagnose or treat B12 deficiency: as far as the nosebleeds went, they insisted on numerous occasions it was because he was 'picking his nose' (all children do this, but in his case the heavy nosebleeds would start spontaneously while he was asleep, during a lesson at school, or in the shower). And when we kept going back, they said eventually that perhaps he had a weak blood vessel in his nose (no treatment). He's improved gradually with three years of sublinguals.

    A previous GP gave a diagnosis of another potentially serious blood disorder that can cause nose bleeds, but with no follow up, referral or treatment. The new GP refused to accept that diagnosis.

  • Frodo My nosebleeds were like your son' sudden and anywhere. I was reffered to ENT but they couldn't find anything (was also referred for my debilitating dizziness and balance problems but they couldn't find anything that would cause these symptoms) !. My gums would bleed when brushing but also would just bleed over one tooth on occasion. No gum disease. These symptoms have all gone for now. I was so low & felt as if I was sister begged me to get a thyroid test which is where they found out I was so low in B12, folic acid & vit D. I just feel so frustrated that my doctors didn't pick up on this with all these classic symptoms of B12 deficiency. I feel as if I have lost YEARS of a decent quality of life unnecessarily !

  • UK Thrombocytopenia charity

  • Several years ago I was diagnosed with ITP. My skin had small red dots on my legs and torso. Not sure if it's related but at the time I was taking a statin. Not taking that garbage now and never will again. The GP quack said that I would probably need to go have some of my spleen taken out to prevent platelet destruction. Never thinking that it could be related to nutrition or a vitamin deficiency. That would be too easy and inexpensive, right ?

    I'm happy for you on finding the problem .

  • I have those small red dots all over upper arms, legs and torso - appeared in last 4 years. But I don't have low platelets. Were you diagnosed from repeated low platelet count on your blood tests?

  • I was rechecked and was informed that my platelets were low. The doctor at the time mentioned that it was not something to be overly concerned about (REALLY?) . Actually, I keep copies of all my medical test. I was not all impressed with the GP's answer. Maybe it's worth mentioning, I wasn't eating right. So who's fault is that? Also, at that time my energy levels were really low. And my testosterone level was like a school girl. I began seriously working out and reduce my weight by 35 pounds and gained muscle to the level of athletic . I wouldn't have gotten there with GP advise. My advise is don't expect your plumber to know about you car if you have problems with it. LOL

    My philosophy now is eat a very low carbohydrate diet, supplement with vitamins and minerals and avoid GPs as much a possible unless you're a serious accident then get to an emergency room ASAP.

  • I have Thrombocytopenia (Waiting for investigations) and I have lots of the red spots. I showed my GP and she said they were Campbell De Morgan spots and not related to the low platelets.

  • Oooh! I've had them since my early 20s.

  • dogmman10 ...I didn't have small red dots but inch round bruise like marks but red, then they would fade x

  • Keep us posted.

    Best Wishes.

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