Sensation of stone or glass in shoe

Does anyone else get this? It doesn't happen regularly so it always takes me by surprise and I check inside my shoe, but it's always in the same place - ball of big toe - and I wonder if it's b12 related. It's a sharp stabbing feeling as though I've stepped on a tiny stone or shard of glass. I have some numbness in other toes and many of my symptoms have improved w self-injection of methylcobalamin.

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  • Hi Puncturedbicycle. Yes...I get the same thing...only in ball of my foot under third and fourth toe. Was diagnosed with a Morton's neuroma but it resolved once I started taking Methylcobalamin so I suspect that it was more likely due to the B12 deficiency.

    I also find that my feet are very painful when I am due for more of my 'tells'.

    Had numbness in toes too...with four black toenails...also resolving nicely with the Methylcobalamin...that was one of the things that surprised me as they've been like that for the last four years!

    However, don't know much about feet so it may be that you have something else going on. Suggest if it continues, you ask your GP to refer you to a Podiatrist to check it out....just to make sure that nothing else 'curable' is going on.

    Good luck and I hope that your feet are in tip top condition very soon.

  • Many thanks. I haven't been diagnosed (self-dx really, by seeing how quickly my b12 levels plummeted when I stopped supplementing) but se sorted out so many symptoms so well I don't really mind either way, as long as I'm well. Like you one of my 'tells' (when I need an injection) is foot pain.

    The foot thing is annoying rather than a constant issue, but I like to ask questions here to get a better idea of how b12 is helping. My partner asked me how my tinnitus was lately and I must admit it's virtually gone after about a year of se.

  • I've had that for years and years (at least 25) well before I had PA, so I'm pretty sure mine wasn't B12 related. Never did find out what it was because it always disappeared after a day or two.

    A friend of mine gets the same thing, and she definitely doesn't have B12 issues.

  • Hi Puncturedbicycle, I get the feeling of being stabbed with a piece of sharp glass in my left shoulder blade from time to time (might be 3 times in a week then disappear for a couple of months) don't know what it is but will try and make a note of the dates and see if it comes round about the time when my injection is due . Best Wishes.

  • Thanks all. :-)

  • I was going to say Mortons Neuroma

  • I had this and was diagnosed with morton's neuroma, It eases when i get my b12 injection and like others have said one of my tells i need more b12 is a burning sensation in the soles of my feet.

    mags x

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