where do you get your b12?

So I finally seen a private doctor, it was a great result :) I am starting on injections on friday and will be getting taught how to self inject, my prescription for 6 box's of 5 ampoules in each was £63 that also includes the needle's, just wondering is this price about right or can I get it else where for cheaper?

I am also starting on armour for my thyroid as soon as I have a more up to date blood test.

I would like to thank this group especially Martyn Hooper for getting me on the right track.

Any information on where you get your equipment would be grateful x

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  • Just out of interest what where you levels as my doctor won't listen and I don't know what to do !! I have spoken to martyn also he was great to talk to

  • My level at the very start was 245 but at that time was also supplementing with a multi vitimin for a while that had b12 in.

  • Mine is 145,Dr stuck me on tablets and won't do much else :-( fed up now,glad you are getting somewhere I need to keep fighting

  • Are you close to Bristol I can inbox you a great doctor?

    That is way too low have you sent your gp the new guidelines?

  • I'm down in weymouth :-( no I Havnt sent the guidelines,he won't listen :-(

  • I'm in Bridgwater I travelled to Bristol to see the lady, I am actually from Bristol so good because I know my way around, are you willing to travel?

  • Hi Please can you let me know your doctor in Bristol?

  • Hi Please can you let me know your doctor in Bristol?

    I'm afraid Nicola79 hasn't posted anything on this group for two years, so I doubt she'll read your message.

    You could try sending a personal message. Click on her name at the top of her post and you'll be able to see her posting history. There's also a button to message her directly.

  • I live near Bristol could you send me details please.

  • If you read the post above yours you'll see that nichola79 hasn't been active on HU for two years.

  • What is the range? My B12 was 240, but range >180.

  • HI Nichola Can you share with me the private Doctor you mentioned near Bristol? Thank you !!!!

  • Hi where can I get b12 injections done?

  • I buy hydroxo 1mg ampoules boxes of 10x10 from Germany for not much more than you are paying for 30 (including cost of shipping). I use insulin needles to do sub-cutaneous which you can get quite easily in the UK (few £s for 100) and are not very expensive - IM wouldn't be that much more expensive.

  • Can you possibly send me the link to them in inbox if no bother?

  • Its a German site but here is the link. First order has to be paid up front which is a bit of a pain but after that it is all quite quick.


    Lots of other people use Goldpharma which is in English - it's just that I came across the German firm first. Don't think there is going to be any significant difference in price.

  • Thank you

  • I get my ampules from germany from Manufaktur@arnika-apo.de

    They sell in boxes each box being ten ampules -they sell 1mg and 5 mg per ml of methylcobalamin and 1mg and 10 mg per ml of adenosylcobalamin no prescription needed

  • I use Amazon de. Uses same log in etc as Amazon uk. Get syringes and needles from Amazon uk.

  • Do you mean for ampoules of B12? Can you please post a link. I just see tablets on amazon.de


  • Just typed in Rotexmedica 10 x 1ml (this is for hydroxo)

  • Thanks- do you just get 10 at a time?

  • Last time I got 3 boxes

  • How did you find a private doctor? Is there a link you can send to me. I live in Birmingham and although I would love to go to Bristol, it's not really viable.


  • Nichola, I'm delighted you've found the help you needed. I remember you were in a bad way before Xmas and getting nowhere with your GP. Hope you feel better before too long.

  • Nichola can you please send me name and number of doctor xx

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