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Had my 5 Booster Shots but starting to feel awful again



I'm new to the site. Recently had bloods done after having a bit of a wobble at work. Doctor then asked me to come in for B12 Shot the day the results came in as my B12 and Iron levels were "on the floor". Had some really awful flu like symptoms after first shot, is this normal? Its now 8 weeks later and I've had all 5 finishing on 22nd July. After the flu like symptoms went and after each shot I felt better, not 100 % but brain fog disappeared and I started to exercise again, go for long walks etc

Last Friday I started to go downhill, very little energy feeling completely washed out. This continued over the weekend and yesterday it was all I could do to get up for work. My next injection is due in October, I take a Garden of Live Sublingual spray daily. I'm trying to get off Lansoprazole by making some lifestyle changes, I've been taking that for 20 years but have read that it stops B12 and Iron absorption :(

Should I go back to my doctor so soon after the booster shots? I'm completely at a loss with this, any help would be much appreciated. I've also been Vegan for 4 1/2 years.

Thanks Ian

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Yes, go back. You need (loads) more injections if your B12 was 'on the floor'. No need to stop the lansoprazole if you can't, as long as you get injections no problem with B12. Only B12 that comes in your body through your stomach is affected. Oh and cause you're a vegan (probably cause, but for sure co-factor) try the Pure Vegan spray. Heard good things about that one. Besides getting more injections of course. 5 is ridiculous as loading dose.

IanM44 in reply to PAS-admin

Many thanks I will get back to them then :)

IanM44 in reply to PAS-admin

Hi admin, just put new post up with blood results.

Might be that you need a good multivit and mineral tablet to get everything going. Depends what your other levels ie folate were. Did you have a full blood test done, can you get a copy and post on here then we will be able to see how you were when diagnosed. I was advised to eat potassium rich food ie banana and brocolli when i was diagnosed and it does seem to have helped. I dont get my symptoms anywhere near as frequently(daily)and i also top up with methyl based drops or patches.

IanM44 in reply to Lisahelen

I have started taking a Solgar Male Multiple daily. Also take Spirulina, Iron Supplements. Full blood count was taken, I have been trying to access my records but there is an error on the surgery website, soon as I have them will put them up.

IanM44 in reply to Lisahelen

Hi Lisahelen, just put my blood results up in new post.

Lansoprazole can be addictive and difficult to stop. It is intended as an 8 week course only - I have read. Check out the PIL - the Patient Information Leaflet. It will affect the absorption of other vitamins. There are more natural treatments. Why were you prescribed the PPI ?

Low acid has similar symptoms to high acid.

IanM44 in reply to Marz

Hi, It was prescribed for reflux. If I don't take it for a couple of days I get reflux that isn't just uncomfortable it actually makes me feel ill. Spoken to the doctor various times over the years but so far all I've managed to do is get the dose down from 30mg to 15mg. Regarding natural treatments, well I've tried a slippery elm drink which didn't work for me. At the moment trying Water Kefir and Bicarb of Soda which allows me a few days grace before I have to pop another Lansoprazole. I also juice daily and try and eat a high alkaline diet which seems to help.

Marz in reply to IanM44

I have read on the Thyroid forum that many with this problem take betaine HCL before meals. Do you know for certain it is high acid or low ?

Do hope you soon feel better.

When acid is low - proteins take longer to break down - resulting in fermentation. It is the upward movement of this fermentation that can cause the reflux. Think of beer brewing in a receptacle :-)

Have you had your thyroid checked - as reflux is common with low thyroid. You do not have to have a problem with the thyroid per se - but when the thyroid produces T4 hormone it has to convert in the body into T3. Sometimes this does not happen and is the cause of so much illness. Sadly Docs rarely test for the most important thyroid hormone.

Lansoprazole can stop you absorbing other minerals and vitamins besides b12, longterm, but you can worry about that later if it's hard to come off it now while you're feeling poorly.

You might try taking riboflavin separately from a Bcomplex (you will need a BComplex as well as injections). Ribofalvin (b2) helps to get iron into the cells.

You will need plenty of folate too - as much green veg as poss and an orange per day should cover it unless you're really low, then you might need supplements. You should be tested for iron, folate & vitamin D regularly and b12 tested near the time of a shot will be inaccurate because there will be loads in your serum. If they test it, do it just before you're due an injection. Also make sure they check your thyroid to rule out any problem there. Lots of folk with b12 issues could have autoimmune pernicious anemia (sometimes antibodies don't always show up) and that's associated with autoimmune hypothyroidism. Sorry, I haven't read all the posts here, so I might have repeated things.

If you don't have pernicious anemia, hypothyroidism can still cause low b12. If you have none of these autoimmune issues, the Lanzoprole could have caused b12 deficiency from low stomach acid. You could work on helping your stomach acid to increase when you're settled...the b12 alone should help to heal stomach lining over time, but it would be a good idea to get off Lanzoprole for the sake of your other vitamins & minerals.

Sounds like you need more frequent b12 injections too. I self-inject twice per week when my doctor would only agree to once monthly - I was half-dead within a week of injections (severe deficiency). Anyhow, you might do ok on monthly, or weekly, but don't leave them too long...you can work it out depending on how soon you begin to feel awful again...

IanM44 in reply to ribbon

Thanks for the reply, appreciated.

I too crashed again after 5 weeks and it seems pretty common. For more information,including sources of supplies, you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

Thanks deniseinmilden. I'm always looking for fall back sources in case anything goes wrong. Luckily I get it on prescription for now, but who knows what would happen if my helpful doctor left the practice... I clicked on your 'My Experiences' verdandapo.de link, and it led to nowhere. Can you give it here again? Cheers


I've just tried the above link and it worked for me - for me it automatically translates everything into English. Hopefully it'll be OK for you but please ask again if not! Cheers.

Many thanks. I'm on Safari but I can see it now :)

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