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Started Jarrows 5000 lozenges (1 x 2 times a day) at the start of last week. Exhaustion is my main issue - and while I have been on the B12 I do feel a wee bit better for part of the day then dreadful again the next day and then a little bit better the next day. Should I up the dosage or is this just an indication that the lozenges are not working in my case? Or perhaps I am expecting too much, too soon!

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why not b12 injections?


I am on b12 injections too. Had one in June but had flu then chest infection and antibiotics and so b12 didn't work but go won't give my next one before September!


One week is not very long at all, and I think the longer you have been deficient the longer it may take. Before I started self injecting I toom sublingual lozenges too, but I ended up taking upto 10x5000mcg daily as they wore off quickly. That's why I decided to self inject, although I get them off my GP now. I will probably have to self inject in between prescribed injections. Try taking more lozenges and see how you feel, you can't overdose on it as it's water soluble and excess is just excreted away.

To be honest it's more convenient and effective not to mention cheaper (when you take a lot as I did) to self inject. :-)


it was about 2-3 months before l felt better on lozenges alone its not a quick fix and it doesn't stop all the symptoms in my experience, it made me feel so much better but l still have days when lm completely wiped out, its a bit of a rollercoaster sometimes but they do work stick in there!


l had a b12 of 140 and my doctor would not treat at all they were adamant l am not deficient so l started to take the jarrows 5000mcg once a day it works for me but it is entirely up to the individual, l feel l could probably take more some days but stick to that as it does the job most of the time have you had vit d and ferritin tested your haemoglobin can be in range or borderline but your iron stores can be low and this can make you feel awful as everyone will tell you always ask for your results, l use a boost spray sometimes from Holland and barrett, its a handy handbag size and cant do any harm.

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