Help please...trying to find supplier of B12 injections

Hey, I'm sure this has been asked countless times, but I'm new to this forum, & somewhat overwhelmed.... Please can someone recommend a supplier of injectable Methylcobalamin ... I've received the standard NHS loading dose/follow up, its definitely not enough & im feeling desperate!

Many grateful thanks, for any help.

Shirley. 🙂

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  • Forum members used to be able to buy direct from Arnika Apotheke of Munich, but they now sell through:

    You have to email Intravita to get the current price list. I'm afraid injectable methyl isn't cheap.

  • Thank you so very much..... I'm on to it!

    It's frustrating though, when we know there are piles of ampoules sitting on shelves in every pharmacy in the UK!

  • Are you sure its the methyl you want?

    Uk gps use hydroxo

  • Good question! Now I'm confused, for some reason I was thinking it was the methyl one...obvs I don't want that one, if it's the wrong one.... I had thought that Methyl was absorbed better, am I wrong?

    In which case, is it easier to find hydroxo?

    Really appreciate your help 😊

  • It's much easier and cheaper to find hydroxocobalamin online and it is what the NHS uses. I buy mine from and syringes/needles from amazon. Good luck. :-)

  • Thank you so much....I really appreciate your help 😊

  • No I just go on their website and order. I think I received it in about 5 days. It's a good site. The needles and syringes from Amazon I got more quickly.

  • Hi

    I had problems understanding exactly what it is I should order but now I am on my second order but I order 50 Vials at a time as I like many others have a fear of running out.

    I get my hydroxocobalamin from Goldpharma Germany. Type in Goldpharma UK in search engine then type in hydroxocobalamin then scroll down to B12 Depot Rotexmedica. 10 x 1ml (6th 1 down on my page). I hope this explains a little more and that you start to feel better soon. Good Luck.

  • Thank you for explaining, precisely where to go & what to do 😊..... That information was extremely helpful! I had been checking out a German site, but it was obviously all written in German!! You're very kind 😊

  • oh and you do not need a prescription when buying from a german company.

  • I didnt have to have a consultation I just confirmed everything they ask you when you register with them. Please let me know how you get on. I was a bit worried when I 1st ordered but everything worked out well.

  • Go on declaration/entrance and confirm

  • Not true if buying from abroad.

  • The reason we buy from Germany, for example, is so we don't need prescriptions.

    For more information, including sources of supplies, you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

    Please make sure you get enough of the cofactors needed to metabolise the extra B12 - a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium and possibly iron.

    I hope you feel better soon. Any more questions, please ask!

  • Oh, thank you so much for your caring support, & important information...I will definitely follow up your suggestions.

    May I ask if you use the Methylcolbalamin or the Hydroxo... I had read the Methyl was superior. I'm wondering if I've not felt any better following my 3rd week of NHS injections, because they are hydroxo & I haven't taken any cofactors apart from prescribed folic acid.

    Could that be a possible reason?

    Many thanks for your help 🙂

  • It's a company called versandAPO

    I'm sure you'll find it even if you use all lower case ! :)

  • Oh that's good... Such a shame there's no uk supplier without prescription though...

    Grateful for your help 😊

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