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Can anyone help me find a private dr / consultant / hospital around the DONCASTER area who can do a MMA blood test . was awaiting a haematology appointment at Sheffield found out referral from dr had not been sent / received,saw second dr today (who was more helpful than any of the other DRs seen ) after meeting with him said he was going to get in touch with haematology dept to hurry it a long , later this afternoon got a call from dr informing me that haematology dept would not see us as first dr had put in her notes the wording sudo seizures so Sheffield haematology dept said it was nothing to do with them and suggested neurology dept been down that road few years ago with a clean bill of health, been on sertraline for 4 months now anxiety attacks getting worse ,dr seen today suggested plan for coming off sertraline which we are going with as the tablets have done nothing other than make things 10 times worse will be grateful for any help ....

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Saw neurologist a few years ago when all the problems started report came all clear never had a diagnosis for B12 deficiency but all the symptoms point in that direction had levels checked over the last 7 years with varying results all round the lower level for normal so DRs refuse to accept there may be a problem , 4 months ago taken off sub lingual B12 tablets (which have worked most of the time) and put on sertraline which has had no effect other than causing more anxiety attacks .


Not sure, but I think you might be able to get these done by by post (you pay for this), by Viapath at St Thomas's hospital in London. But you'd still have to get the blood taken locally and I think it might have to be specially treated. People sometimes have another B12 test with them, Active B12, which you also pay for (not very expensive) but I understand MMA and Homocysteine are more accurate in diagnosis.

Sorry I don't know more but if you can't come up with anyone local you could try contacting them for more information/advice.


Thanks for your help

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I am a Doncastrian born and bred live in U S a few years ago I would have been able to help you but unfortunately not now.Incidentally I did my pediatric training in Sheffield.Hope someone can help you.


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