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Fatigue and labs

Okay guys I got my test back. Folate was 20. Potassium was 4.6 , sodium,magnesium and thyroid panels all look great. My palpations have faded with no exercise. But now I have been slapped with fatigue. Hard for me to get up in the am and fighting not to sleep during the day. I posted my labs on a b12 group on Facebook. Everyone said they looked good so is this fatigue something we will fight for life?

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What were your thyroid results with ranges ? Was your TSH around 2 ? - Your FT4 high in range ? - FT3 high in range ? No anti-bodies ? What was actually tested ?

What were the B12 results you posted on FB ?

Sorry - difficult to get to the bottom of things or rule conditions out without the correct information ..... :-)


Hey! 8-9 months ago my b12 was 190

My tsh stays around 1.9 now

As for t4/t3 I'd have to check but everyone claims they check out sadly which doesn't help me any :/

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Do you have thyroid antibodies ?


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