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Well well well I went to doctor last night with throat infection and he was looking through my notes as I'd not been to see him before, he casually said why haven't you ordered ferrous sulphate and vit d tablets since March.

I said your colleague Dr Patel phoned me at home to say I didn't need them any more and he would no longer prescribe them.

He said but your iron is very low and I was describing classic vit d symptom. To cut a long story short I've started both again immediately and a meeting with himself and Dr Patel tomorrow at 11am.

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  • do you have low b12 or pa, hit him with everything when the goings good!

  • I also have PA

  • Hello I am new to the group and am very glad to read you post. Well done you. Dealing with the medical profession is certainly an up hill task!

    best wishes

  • To be honest butterfly it almost came to me on a plate ... believe me I've stuggled with everyone else. It was almost a shock when I new I was right all the time ... talk about self doubt.

  • Fingers crossed that they dont gang up and recind and decide you dont need it afterall.

    I have tried a new tack recently when they say my symptoms have nothing to do with b12 - i say if its not that then what is it? You surely have to try and find out what is wrong with me.

  • I think Vit D deficiency is a new priority from Public Health England. I have just been told I am borderline low and to take supplements. Discovered that 4 other friends have also been told the same. Report in the paper today about doctors being advised to ensure people are not low on it.

    I have also been low on iron and though my ferritin levels are 44 now, they want me to carry on taking ferrous sulphate until it is 100.

    I think they go through phases of finding things. Pity there isn't an easy definitive B12 test. Think they would take it more seriously. They like things to be easy.

    It seems increasingly that as you get older you don't absorb all manner of things very well.

  • Hi what are the classic vit d symptoms please..im currently taking both medications ferrous sulfate and vit d tablets, and the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, i was told my levels where fine and to stop taking the FS yet after looking at my own medial files my ferritin levels have never been above 10! the lowest being 4 :/

  • Associated vit d symptoms mine were aching Bones and joints. My hands hurt. My feet and legs even after being in bed all night.

  • i have these symptoms, just been started on a course of vit d 800ui one a day but that seems a low dose to me, so i've requested a higher dose, will have to wait until next week to see if i can have them, failing that will just buy them online x

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