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PA and alcohol


After having 2 glasses of wine at the weekend I feel I need a b12 jab but I only had one on Friday. Does anyone have information on alcohol and PA

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It does deplete B12 Kapat so best not to. Having said that, I do enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day and sometimes dilute it with sparkling mineral water 🍷😊

Kapat1 in reply to Polaris

No more wine !!!!!! That's a nightmare lol

Polaris in reply to Kapat1


So that's why I feel crap now. Only had 2 glasses of red on Saturday night. Is nothing sacred! :-)

I definitely feel far worse if I drink alcohol. I get a hangover out of all proportion to what I've drunk and it leaves me feeling washed out for days. I don't really pick up again until my next injection.

I have noticed that alcohol depletes B12 but my GP said that he is not aware of any evidence to suggest that!

I can't say I've noticed any difference since I've cut my alcohol consumption quite drastically - only two days a week now.

Kapat1 in reply to fbirder

If I was injecting on a regular basis maybe it wouldn't be a problem

I notice a return of symptoms after just a glass or two of wine. I ration myself now to just an occasional glass.

I dont know whether I have pa or not as am in the early stages of trying to get sorted but I am no longer able to tolerate alcohol at all as it makes me so unwell. I have seen there is a link with B12 and do wonder if that's the reason for my sudden intolerance!

clivealiveForum Support

I understand that alcohol can affect the absorption of B12 through the stomach leading to a B12 Deficiency but would that still apply if you are receiving B12 injections?

I wonder too whether exhortations against the use of PIPs or antacids are not relevant when receiving B12 injections.

I did dry January this year and it made no difference whatsoever to how I felt - stomach/energy wise. Lately, I've found that using magnesium every day has got rid of the palpitations (made worse by wine) and I am having fewer headaches...

On another note, I believe that the europeans rationalise the pre-dinner drink (apero) as getting the gastric juices ready for the meal and equally the digestivo post meal to wash things down.... goes back a long way in time.... :)

I definitely find symptoms of pins and needles return with wine 😢

Per a scientific study I read several years ago (I've lost the reference) alcohol does not interact directly with B12.

However, it does react with or consume the other B vitamins that B12 needs to do its job.

For me, a glass or two of wine causes a 4 day hangover.

I've decided to be off all alcohol completely so that I can better manage the balance between B12 and folic acid.

I'm off out for a meal, a glass of beer, half a bottle of wine, a couple of G&Ts and maybe a wee drop of slow gin.

I'm up early for my first proper archery session first thing tomorrow - I'll let you know how I feel.

o19f17f15 in reply to fbirder

OH yes I can dream too!

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