Just out of interest-what are ranges for B12 in your area?

Just a generalised question of current interest-looking to challenge then possible change doctors after I was told my private reading of B12 was 157, then the GP (middle of day-didn't realise should of fasted) score of 180 4 days later, that I was well within range but a friend is getting injections at 155 at another Gp 2miles away. I live in Newcastle upon tyne, as does she.

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  • In my area, the bottom level is 110. I was told I was in the normal range at 116. I managed to get treatment by giving my GP copies of the National Guidance and saying I was afraid that neurological symptoms were permanent damage. I don't think he really believes I am deficient.

  • In my part of Somerset, 120 is bottom of 'OK' range. I was also tested in Birmingham and bottom was 170. Bizarre and wrong that the levels differ. Mine got to 108 but I wasn't really symptomatic. Hope this helps.

  • Understandable that the levels differ.

    Some labs will use different machines and different processes, often with different reagents. The same blood sample run in different labs will give different results.

  • I'm in Birmingham and my GP Surgery won't consider possibility of any treatment until its lower than 150, and then they're reluctant to treat if you happen like me to also be iron anaemic.

  • I was given shots for my 'mildly' reduced B12 level (108) as an attempt to help improve my iron deficiency anemia. I think it possibly has although I became drastically anemic straight after the loading doses requiring transfusion. Things have been on the up since that time.

  • I'm told the ranges show an average of the samples that are processed and the ultra frustrating thing is that they aren't average for "normal" coz most people are only requesting the test because there is something wrong!

  • Im in kent, my range was 191- 911. I was 174 on first diagnosis. I was immediately loaded but on seeing a locum gp around that time he said at his practice he would not have treated but used the wait and see approach. So there is still a luck of the draw element to it.

  • In Buckinghamshire the Serum B12 range in March 2016 was 187 - 883 pg/ml

  • I was told I had pernious anemia last Friday. Today when I went for my 3rd loading injection I asked what my B12 reading was. It was 141 and the range was 200 - 800.

  • What tests did you have sue to get diagnosed?

  • Routine annual blood tests including B12, then IF (intrinsic factor), u&E (kidneys) & CD

  • my serum b12 was 70!

  • I am in consett and under Durham and Darlington, lab range here is 190.0-910.00. I am currently fighting for correct treatment with a result of 301 but I have a lot of symptoms including neurological. Gps have refused me and I am now seeing a haematologist in August to see if I can get any further.

  • I am in the same area. Despite having large red blood cells and parietal antibodies in my stomach, my b12 came back at 400. BUT I was taking a pretty potent b complex and my GP said that I was OK and I didn't need treatment. So I stopped the supplements and went back,or should I say crawled back, a week later and he gave me a loading dose and said to come back in three months. How did you get a referral to a hematologist?

  • I took the NICE guidelines in with me and argued that I felt my neurological symptoms were due to the b12. I explained I have no life at present and want/ need to return to work. The guidelines state that with neurological symptoms gp should refer to a haematologist (actually they are supposed to treat and get advice for themselves to manage treatment but my gp wouldn't accept it). I asked for the referral and he agreed to it. I tried writing to my gp with further info regarding the b12 requesting he reconsider and a list of my symptoms, partly as I want it on my file as I intend to take this further if I don't get treatment. The letter didn't work but he did arrange a urgent referral, was still a wait of six weeks though! Have a look at the nice guidelines for b12 deficiency they are on line as they tell you whether you need hematologist or Gastro referral.

  • Yes, I have seen the guidelines but gp wasn't interested. I will see my lung specialist shortly, he is great, very thorough. My sublingual b12 arrived yesterday so fingers crossed!

  • When I was first tested the range was 211-911 pg/mL. A year later a different lab had a range of 200-1100. The next lab had 187-1059. The next was 211-946. And the most recent lab has 239-931.

    My original, and lowest, reading was 220. Only one of the five labs mentioned above would have considered that deficient. Good thing that first doctor was willing to try me on injections even though I wasn't officially low according to the lab results.

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