Lincoln's wife

I came across this article today and thought it was interesting.

I had to laugh at this part though:

"Nowadays it can be spotted early through routine blood tests, he said. It is treated with B-12 pills or shots."

I guess the plus side is that this doctor recognized the possibility that this historical figure had PA, but it's kind of alarming that he thinks it is an easy to spot condition now.

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  • I get B12 Alerts and read the article in the Chicago Tribune. I was about to write almost the same words as yours. I do not think UK routine blood tests generally have them in? and as for being treated - haha.

  • Or was it bipolar?

    Or brain tumour (possibly due to syphilis)?

    :-) for the numerous interpretations, but :-( for her and her family.

  • Interesting. I couldn't help thinking that I would probably be described like that if I had lost 3 children and husband! Love the idea that PA is easily diagnosed and treated. No discussion on those problems. Poor woman to be left untreated and then thought of as mad. Been there! :-)

  • Quote:

    "ill-tempered, moody, vain and insecure..... irritability, delusions and hallucinations... with a biochemically injured mind struggling in a complicated, ­relentlessly demanding environment.... auditory hallucinations, paranoia and delusions.

    Sounds like me on a bad day :)

  • I agree with everyone's scepticism about the easily found diagnosis but you know wouldn't it be fabulous if such publicity helped our cause? We just need the media to grab such a story and run with it. It will happen. Eventually.

    Call me an optimist!

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