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New symptoms worried :(

Hi everyone, I had enough energy to battle my ever growing pile of ironing yesterday and noticed my legs trying to give way from under me, and today I get up I now have pain in base of my back and the numbness is back I don't want to go anywhere on my own . I phoned the surgery this morning for an urgent appointment and they can't fit me in at all. My feet also feel rather strange numb almost. Advice please

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When you feel good, it is very easy to overdo it. I find that this is an indication that B12 is working but I've just not fully recovered yet.

After you have overdone something, the trick I've found is to try it again but take it easy the next time. As you build up the strength again, the pain goes away.

This may be due to the healing of the nerves that were used in the activity. Or the brain recalibration to the stronger signals on the nerves.

Don't give up. Keep using the muscles that hurt but do it gently. It is a sign that the nerves are feeling, and healing.


Hi margie70 How frequent are your B12 injections? How long since your last one and are you self supplementing?

I hope you managed to get an appointment soon


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