Frosty Endo Knows Nothing About B12 Deficiency!!

Had a very frosty first appointment with endocrinologist today. In fact so frosty I commented to the lovely nurses on the way out who responded with knowing smiles. However I was more or less inquisitioned as to why I was there. She was obviously having a off day - I hope. I'd gone well prepared with health history and relevant info because I'm often foggy headed and it makes things easier for me. She wasn't impressed when I asked her to read them but did and took some notes. B12 wasn't the only reason I went but when I mentioned it she just said ' I know nothing about B12 deficiency, see a haematologist' and that was that. Very dismissive manner. I had to tell her my GP was concerned she may have missed something with regard to my sudden Osteoporosis onset and dental decay etc so she condescended to do some blood tests & see me in 3 months time!! Well she won't be seeing me again I can tell you. I was so cross & down that I spoke to their Patient Care Team when I got home, who were extremely nice and helpful and hopefully are arranging for me to see someone different. Have to wait for a phone call.

Then I rang my local hospital haematology department and spoke to an admin person and I didn't care if I sounded stupid or not but I asked if any of their consultants had an interest in B12 deficiency? She went and enquired and told me yes, you just need a referral from your GP.

I needed a positive to end my day on even though it may still not lead to the end result I'm after but it's the last chance saloon before I remortgage my house (I'm acutally too old to get a mortgage) sell the dog and the clothes off my back and go private.

One other thing I learned this week is that NICE carry no clout and have no powers other than advising on heath matters.

thank you for allowing me to vent. I look forward to the day of posting positive news.

And so to bed a good bit later than normal.

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  • Night night sweety, dont let it get to you. Tomorrow's another day and you might get a positive call.

  • I'm impressed you felt sufficiently together to speak to a Patient Care Team! Were they at the hospital you visited, or your GP surgery?

    As for your many medics have that supercilious manner. How do they avoid being attacked on a daily basis?

    I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.

  • Hya I suprised myself but I was so taken aback it was actually sureal and rather funny in retrospect. It was the hospital Patient Care Team that my appointment was at and I rang them when I got home. It was late afternoon so I didn't expect a call back but a lovely lady rang me and said she would speak to the Endo Dept. I said I can't see her again and she offered to ask if I could see one of the others for next appointment.

    A secretary rang me back next day told me who I would be seeing next time and apologised. I'm happy with that. So it pays to speak up sometimes but it doesn't half tire you out. Perhaps I just don't care any more and say what I think should be. They can only say no and I'm always polite.

  • I'm amazed you got such a positive response, but I've become so cynical I have no expectations anymore. But you were right to speak up. Result!

  • I have found arrogance and rudeness to be a necessary quality in doctors. They can't qualify without it. Hope your GP refers you to a better one. Although they are like gold dust :-)

  • Hi Sallybones your "rant" at the end reminded me of a letter I found in my late Dad's papers.

    Dear Sir,

    In reply to your letter requesting me to send a cheque, I wish to inform you that the present condition of my Bank Account makes it ordinarily impossible.

    My shattered financial condition is due to Union laws, Government laws, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, and outlaws. Through these laws I am compelled to pay business tax, income tax, insurance tax, surtax, petrol tax, fuel oil tax, V.A.T. tax and amusement tax – of which I have none. Even my brains are taxed.

    I am required to buy a business licence, a radio licence, a television licence, a car licence and a dog licence. I am required to contribute every society and organization which the genius of man is capable of bringing to life.

    For my own safety I am required to carry life insurance, accident insurance, property insurance, public liability insurance, burglary insurance, unemployment insurance and old age assurance.

    My business is so governed that I do not know today, nor can I find out, who owns it.

    I am inspected, expected, suspected, disrespected, rejected, examined, re-examined, informed, required, summoned, fined, commanded and compelled until I provide an inexhaustible supply of money for every known need, desire or whim of the human race.

    Simply because I refused to donate something or other, I am boycotted, talked about, lied about, held up, held down and robbed until I am ruined.

    I can tell you honestly that, except for the miracle that happened, I could not enclose this cheque. The wolf that comes to many doors nowadays had pups in my kitchen. I sold them and here is the money.

    Yours faithfully

    Hope you got a good night's rest. Take care now.

  • Excellent letter. Things don't change!

  • I love it clivealive thank you. Your father had great wit. Feeling much recovered. I wouldn't have said boo to a goose at one time.

  • I've just realised Sallybones that if you put "ignore" and "rant" together that's exactly what many doctors are about B12D and P.A. :)

  • My endo had no interest in my B12 deficiency at all, he was only concerned with my thyroid function. As I have problems with both I thought he might have shown a bit of interest, but no. I think it's haematology or gastroenterology, they seem to be the ones to go to for low B12.

  • Yes MariLiz that's still the problem within the NHS, they each do their own bit and you're the one who has to try and pull it all together unless you get a very good GP. The Endo is actually checking my thyroid and parathyroid and osteoporosis bloods but only because I said my GP was concerned she may have missed something that caused sudden onset Osteoporosis and dental decay. Otherwise I don't think she would have checked anything. Spoke to GP since and she has agreed now to try and refer me to Haematology but it all comes down to cost!! So here's hoping. It's so tiring trying to move forward and I wll have cost GPs and NHS lots of time and money doing the rounds of other consultants over the years. I believe that basic vitamin and mineral tests for patients would save them a lot of money. Too simple?

  • How very true!

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