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Hello Everyone

Hi All, I was diagnosed with PA about 6 years ago and joined the site soon after but have only posted once before . Thank you all for the help and advice, its nice to know that there are others out there who have some of the same symptoms that I have as I don't know anyone in my area who does. The other people I know with PA seem to have their injection every 3mths feel better for a few weeks and then start to go down hill until the next jab. I have mine every 2mths and sometimes don't feel any better at all, and when I do its normally only for about 8-10 days out off the 2mths.

Could I ask if anyone out there has really bad nausea and retching I've had this going on for about 3 years now and no one seems to get to the bottom of it , tried all sorts of anti sickness but still get bouts of days and some times weeks of heaving and nausea. Had a endoscopy in Jan and was told I had a small hiatus hernia but other than that all was ok, things seemed to settle for a few weeks but have now returned.

My GP is lovely and a great support but after many referrals to the hospital and not a lot of help I think she is at a loss as to what to do next. I have read Sally Pacholoks book and although I have a lot of the symptoms that she talks about there does not seem to be much in there about nausea. Any help would be really appreciated .

Best Wishes to you all. Pitney

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Just wondered if you had ever been checked for H Pylori?

I am not a medic just someone who struggled to get a diagnosis.

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Thank you sleepybunny ,think it was one of the things tested for but will check .Many thanks


Just what I was going to ask Sleepybunny.

Have you ever had an endoscopy pitney?

I was tested for h pylori (stool sample test) and it came back negative but h pylori was found on biopsies at my endoscopy - so I'm worried that the h pylori test may not be as accurate in people who have low stomach acid due to pernicious anaemia antibodies. The test is known to be inaccurate for people who are taking acid reducing drugs which have the same effect as the antibodies. I can't find any research on the accuracy of the tests in people with pernicious anaemia.


Hi Laura5, yes as I said I had an Endoscopy in Jan and was told it was fine except for a small hiatus hernia.

Thanks for asking.


I had the nausea, and some nauseous reflux when I was diagnosed with P.A. At the same time some burping and stomach ache at times . No help from doctors. I tried some very good water -based probiotic called Symprove. Pricey but very good . Helped no end, and now I'm free of those horrible symptoms. Apparently P.A patients have low or no stomach acid, which causes the proliferation of bad bacteria. Raw ,organic sauerkraut is also a great help. I have now discontinued Symprove because of the expense, and just take a probiotic capsule called bio-kult and a table spoon of sauerkraut daily. I also have a small hiatus hernia. Hope that this can help. Best wishes


Hi Wedgewood, I have been taking a probiotic yoghurt drink for the last year and also lemon juice in the morning but I will certainly try the things you have mentioned, thanks for the help.Best Wishes


I get migraines which involve really bad gut spasms - throwing up and everything else simultaneous ... and that always ends in retching because there really is nothing left in my stomach. Don't know if it is the same sort of thing - I also get silent migraines - just visual disturbances but have never experienced nausea with them. Low B12 definitely didn't help with the migraines and the severity of the gut spasms.

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Thank you Gambit62 I will keep that in mind.

Best Wishes.


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