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Councilling for now

Got everything out there about home stresses,work,and for someone to just do the checks again before I'm labeled mad showed extreme anxiety.The lady was lovely and thinks i should start immediate 8week session then try CBT therapy,she had never heard ov pernicious anemea either but noted it all down ,it must ov helped as i felt a lot better with no tears apart from this morning lol well see wat tommorow brings ,never thought I'd be hoping all i want do all is the housework wen I wake up ,as my partner done it for that long xxx

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None of us are mad, just deficient! 🤔 Hope the cbt works for you, good luck.


CBT may help - as it is about techniques for dealing with anxiety - but it doesn't necessarily get to the bottom of what is causing the anxiety - particularly if a B12 deficiency is making you more susceptible to anxiety.

Hope you do manage to get someone to listen to you on B12


I tried an online CBT series but was not able to finish it at the time, I went back to the GP and asked to restart it as I felt it was helping and they said, oh its more for depression, you dont need that. I have seen a counsellor and found it helpful to speak to someone who does not judge and who you cannot upset, the sessions also help my thoughts to be clearer and less jumbled.

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