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Bad ears

For about a week, I've been suffering ear problems. It started with a dull ache which affected my hearing, it was like my ears were full of liquid then a couple of days ago I woke up to a bit of blood on my pillow. Last time this happened I was still in school and suffered a burst ear drum, that time my pillow was covered with blood.

I've been suffering with blood clotting problems and waiting for my blood test results, also a build up of mucus at the back of my throat. Surely this can't all be connected? ??? But thinking about it your ears, nose and throat are all connected.

I feel stupid as I'm sure this will clear up in time but I've just got that nagging feeling.

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Hi Bentlyboo. Sorry, but will have to be quick reply...

Yes, can all be connected. Bad throat can cause ear problems and bad ear can cause throat problems.

Ear ache followed by discharge of blood and or puss is usually indicative of ear infection or abbess. Build up of pressure may cause ear drum to rupture (but you can have ear infection without rupture). Whatever, causes of bleeding should be investigated swiftly.

Or...you may have scratched ear? Had any traumatic injury?

But sounds to me, with history of pain and pressure, like ear infection.

If I were you, I'd pop along to GP. Suggest you make an urgent appointment. If infected, you'll want to get it seen to very quickly.

Follow up on that 'nagging feeling' and make an appointment.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck.


Yup. Urgent GP appointment for today, or a trip to A&E if there's not one available.

Bleeding from the ear could be something serious. It almost certianly isn't, but you want to make sure.

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Bently B .....

Sounds quite like blocked Eustachian tubes.... suggest you see your GP and if he cannot sort you out then asked to see an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist who will soon sort you out.


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