NHS Choices review of B12 deficiency page


I noticed recently that the NHS Choices section on B12 deficiency is due to be reviewed in the next few days.

Do you think anything needs to be changed? I personally think they should remove anaemia from the title as some sufferers on this forum do not have anaemia.


I also think the BCSH Cobalamin and Folate guidelines should be mentioned in the article.

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  • The symptom list could be more comprehensive, the treatment could be better explained. A section on common misdiagnosis and an explanation to why so many Doctors are ignorant to the facts.....


    AN UPDATE FOR PRIMARY HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS which can be found in the Library section of the P.A.S website? It's a two page "leaflet" suitable for handing to your doctor.

    There's even an "encouragement" for doctors to "earn" CPD Credits by "searching" for B12 and answering (correctly) ten questions on the new guidelines.

    I guess a lot of us on here could "have a go" at that

  • Don't really know where to start - and how would you feed into the process of review.

    The page is about anaemia - B12 deficiency really needs its own page

    Needs to be clearer that symptoms are caused by B12 deficiency not by anaemia

    symptoms should include balance problems and a whole load of others

    no reference to low stomach acidity and risks of low stomach acidity being mistaken for high stomach acidity

    would be useful to have reference to tablets as a way of treating qualified to state that this does not suit all patients

    would also be useful to have some idea of what levels of B12 would be needed if looking for a non parental solution.

    and sooooo many others

  • Review Process


    Select the "NHS Choices Website Feedback" option then on next page select "Website Content"

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