Hip knot/dent above knee

Hip knot/dent above knee

This could or could not be related but I do need advice or opinions! I've developed a dent or sink hole right above my knee in my left leg which was my good leg. I don't exercise right now since i can't breathe well with PA (just started treatment a month ago). But i woke up unable to put full pressure on my left leg. It felt stiff and painful when bending it out. I have hip problems on my right hip i have a knot but no gp would ever send me to a ortho. They all made excuses for what it was (I've had the knot on right hip 5 years now) which did occur after excerise and i wasn't able to walk for a month. Is it possible that with my b12 being so low and me always getting misdiagnosed that my muscles and tendons are really messed up? ( i did exercise alot for 6 years jogging 5miles per day) which declined more and more over each year to the point i can't even walk fast anymore. ( adding photos of my knee and hip below)

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  • It will only let me add one photo :(

  • Hi there, not an expert but I think most people have that 'crease' at the front of the hip which starts as you begin to sit down. If you are stiff it could be that you are not fully straightening up at the hip from sitting and your buttock muscles are a bit weak. This posture is called antalgic ( I think) and means you're a tiny bit bent over at the hip. Is your bottom flat? Most sedentary people have this - becoming chair shaped ... You could gently stretch the front of your hip and do a few bum squeezes to keep muscle memory alive? Best wishes

  • I have a knot there that's why the skin is raised..

  • And i do not have this on my right side my right side is flat.

  • Have you ever had chiropractic treatment? I know it isn't cheap, but I find it helps me keep mobile. I also have the occasional massage. They have different kinds of massage, the deep tissue one is too painful for Fibro sufferers, but a gentle one seems to undo muscle and tendon knots.

  • Yes I have i was going for 2 years. That's when i woke up one day with a knot sticking out of my hip

  • Maybe you should return to the chiropractor and see if they can identify the problem? They might be able to correct it too?

  • I highly doubt he can fix it. Ive seen so many gps over this in 5yrs and im told something different. Im not going back to the person i think caused it lol. I don't know who i need to talk to about muscle issues. No gp will send me to an ortho to see if they can tell me what it is. One gp wanted to cut it out of me in his office! :|

  • Flipping heck! That sounds a bit scary! An osteopath might help, or Bowen therapist. Bowen is very gentle and works on the fascia, the bit between skin and muscle. I only heard about Bowen technique because a lady at my bowls club was a therapist.

  • Im just really curious as to what it is honestly. I wish someone could give me an answer. You'd think a doctor should know :(

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