Sublingual Methylcobalamin B12 tablets by Solgar

To all:

I have been really amazed by all the wonderful support and information provided on these postings! I wanted to add that after a lot of back and forth with my doctor about shots, I have decided to switch to sublingual Methylcobalamin tablets by Solgar, a vitamin company based in New Jersey with very good reputation. Taking the pills daily have provided me with a more consistent and even sense of overall health, instead of running out of gas, so to speak, waiting for my next shot. I live in New York where the vitamins are readily available, but they can be ordered online as well. I think you can even get them through Amazon. But, very important to get the Methylcobalamin B12, not just plain B12. They are available in 1000 and 5000 mcg, to be taken daily. Consult with your doctor, of course, but I am convinced this is better than shots. At least so far!

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  • Hi. I take the methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges by Jarrow since seeing a recommendation on the thyroid forum. I take 5x5000 mg daily plus spray! They have helped a little but wear off quickly, hence taking five. Solgar are a very wel known and respected make, I take their iron, folate and b complex.

    I'm going to start injecting b12 though soon as it should last longer than the lozenges, be more convenient and be cheaper. Hopefully will be more effective for me too. 

    I'm really glad you've found something that works well for you. Some people use lozenges between shots. Good luck! :-)

  • Thanks for the info! I have really just started with supplements the last couple of weeks, but I'm hoping they continue to work. I am actually switching over to 5000 daily, more as a precautionary measure than anything else. Good luck to you! I am amazed by how much trial and error is involved....

  • Hope it works out! Some people run into difficulties several weeks in, but not all.

  • Thanks. Fingers crossed that won't be the case, but prepared to return to shots if I have to. 

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