PA being treated but other weird syptoms occurring

I am lucky and get monthly jabs at present and I do take B12 supplements as well for the Pernicious anaemia. Took 10 years to get diagnosis (level 75 on diagnosis and have both PA antibodies and atrophic gastritis. Frequent jabs have been keeping me well but now I am getting cold, shivery, muscle pains, high cholesterol (On low dose statin - stopped them to see if muscles improved but they did not so had to go back on it as cholesterol hit 8.5). Also get heart palpitations feel low mood and have raging dry scalp. I also get lichen planus, lichen sclerosus and dry eyes. I asked for a thyroid check and was told it was normal but they only did TSH which was 3.8. Any advice? Reluctant to nag GP in case my B12 review causes them to stop jabs. Just not feeling well but I do have elderly relatives to care for and do a lot of physical work. GP nearly always says it is stress. I wonder if I should get a private blood test to check for thyroid antibodies but is this likely if the TSH is normal at 3.8? Any advice appreciated.

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  • You can repost this on the TUK forum within HU for members to comment. A lot of us are on both sites as it is very common to suffer from both PA and Thyroid Disease.

    It most definitely would be sensible to get tested for TSH,  FT4, FT3, antibodies (2  types). 

    Blue Horizon do great offers on Thyroid tests.


  • I think i will look at a private test as i need to understand what is going on. Thank you ☺

  • Good idea g,


  • Hi, 3.8 looks like borderline under active, and they have not given you your T4 & T 3 result, that's why your feeling like you are, and the cholesterol too, PA is autoimmune too so it would be best to have your antibodies done, as you may have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, stress does not help, also a clean diet of meat veg fish, would help, and gluten/dairy free, the thyroid functions better under 1, my TSH was 7.3 when I went onto medication it's now at 0.42, but changing my diet really helped, if you are on Facebook there are lots of pages to help, thyroid uk, Hashimoto's uk, hypothyroid uk. Also look for your levels of vitamin D3, hope you get sorted soon.

  • Thanks. My surgery only has a tsh value for me. I think i will get a private test done. I eat a lot of green veg and nuts plus soya milk to help with cholesterol but read that walnuts and some greens are bad for thyroid. You just can't  win! 

  • My endo says no soy, but nuts and vegetables are ok. It is confusing!

  • All I can do is report my own symptoms...

    ..heart palps on b12 from low potassium

    ..itchy skin/dry eyes from high blood sugar

    ..high heart rate/anxiety from thyroid

    My thyroid tests were usually close to normal, so many doctors dismissed it. My diagnosis came from ultrasound, biopsy, and symptoms.

    My blood sugar tests were normal fasting, but elevated after a glucose challenge. 

    It might be helpful to have a specialist take a closer look at your thyroid. Have you been checked for Sjogren's? Other nutrient deficiencies, b vitamin deficiencies?

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