Anyone tried CBD Oil?

I'd read this stuff was good for nerve repair and pain relief, so decided to give it a go, after a lot of research I ordered the White Oil from CBD Brothers - bit expensive, but I figured I was worth it. Started with a low dose - no effect, slowly increased as per guidance, and hey presto by day 10 I was sleeping so much better and found I had more mobility in my legs, less stiffness and pain. Am just strting second bottle, hoping if I keep going it will have same effect on  my arms.

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  • I've read up on it and know the one you ordered. I might give it a go to see if it would relieve the severe hip pain.  Delighted it's working for you and thank you for sharing.


  • Thanks. I had never heard of this. Too expensive for me but may try a cheaper similar product. 

  • It is costly, but mainly due to the high CBD content, you tend to have to take more of the cheaper ones (less CBD content), so in the end it all amount to the same value.

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