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Gut problems

Hi.  I am just wondering if anyone else has this problem?  I was diagnosed with PA 4 years ago and had B12 jabs every 3 months until last November when I was started on 6 weekly jabs as I was soooo tired all the time.  Since having them more frequently I am suffering badly with excessive burping (even after a glass of water) and wind which is extremely unpleasant no matter what I have eaten.  Is this common?

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I have had the same problem,also a P.A. Patient. After many gut problems a gastroenterologist told me that P.A patients have either no stomach acid(Achloryhdria) or low stomach acic(Achlorhydria) This causes the tummy problems. I had tummy pains as well,and bloating. We need stomach acid to kill off the bad bacteria and to digest the food we eat. If this doesn't ' happen, we get the gut problems The NHS doesn't ' offer any treatment. You have to treat yourself . Some people take Betaine hydrochloric capsules with pepsin(Amazon) when they eat protein. I did for a short time . Now, I just take either a water based probiotic or raw unpasteurised organic sauerkraut ( health food shops) You can also make your own very cheaply. (Google for a recipe)  I can't tell you how much better I feel after doing this .No more bloating ,burping or tummy pains. Hope that you get better soon.


Thanks for your reply.  It's nice to know that there is something I can take to help.  I also have bloating and tummy pains so I will try this.


Sorry low stomach acid is Hypochlorhydria!


yes... it is with me. horrible.  my gp didn't think it was anything to do with PA, but after a more frequent injection it seems to be calming down.  I know it is to do with PA

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