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B12 Deficiency help


Hello I'm 23, and have had blood tests done confirming that I am B12 deficient, I'm just waiting on the follow up blood tests to come back to confirm it. But at the moment I feel awful, I can't concentrate , heads light constantly, proper tired all the time and its really affecting daily life. The problem is I start a new job in 2 days and until my confirming blood tests come back and I'm able to start treatment with the doctor , would anybody recommend any home remedies, just anything to help in the meantime , because I can't afford to begin my new job in this condition :(

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If the bloods have been taken then your doctor shouldn't be delaying the start of treatment. This is particularly true if you have any neurological symptoms like tingling in hands or feet etc.

Even when you start treatment it may take a while for the B12 to kick in as there may be 'damage' that the body needs to repair - some people don't really notice things for 6 months ... and for some - particularly if there are aches, pains and numbness - then things may feel as if they get worse before they get better.

It is only injectable B12 that tends to be controlled by prescription only rules and then only because it is prescription only. In some countries even injections may be available over the counter - case in Germany - also case in Australia - sorry not sure where you are so mention this just in case it is relevant.

Other forms of B12 are not controlled as it is a vitamin - its also one that you can't overdose on. Generally the amounts you would get in a product at the chemist or health food shot are quite low but you can try taking multiple tablets. Some chemists in the UK do stock high-dose products (generally as sublingual sprays).

It may be that the tests your GP is waiting for are about establishing what the cause might be and there can be a tendencty to assume that if tests for PA come back negative that means the cause is diet rather than an absorption problem though the reality is that it is much more likely to be absorption - even at your age - unless you have been a strict vegan for several years

- please be aware that a) pernicious anaemia is not the only possible cause of a B12 absorption problem - other possibilities include low stomach acidity (though this tends to be something associated with being older), gastric surgery affecting the ileum and various drug interactions - including various painkillers, anti-acid treatments, anti-convulsives ... and b) that the tests for PA are notoriously unreliable/inaccurate and a negative doesn't mean that you don't have PA - just that the test hasn't picked it up - not unknown for people to be tested several times before it comes up positive.

I used to be on Ritalin. Lately I've just been using Vinpocetine and am quite pleased with the results. I get it on Amazon

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