Tingling in back and hands?

I have been getting this (quite painful) tingling feeling in my back. It sort of feels like pins and needles, but more painful. It last only a minute and happens maybe once every few weeks, but I was wondering if it could possibly be related to my low B12. My last blood test said my levels were at 93 and I read that it when it's so low, it can cause neurological issues.

I have noticed slight tingling/numbness in my pinky fingers (weird, I know) from time to time, but nothing else similar to what I get on my back. Could it be related?

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  • I had similar and doctors etc said it might be carpel tunnel but it wasn't turned out was B12 deficient due to PA. Get it sorted now as will get a lot worse if left untreated and if as in my case spread to your feet and loads of other symptoms as well. You can't always go by B12 levels as the main blood test used is flawed (although yours sounds really low). Mine was between 400-500 when diagnosed with PA. Go by your symptoms. Check out the PAS society website for details on symptoms and also the B12 def website. b12d.org

  • Low B12 definitely causes pins and needles / tingling / numbness. When I was deficient, I had tingling in my hands and feet, which moved up my limbs. My scalp also went numb on one side for while, and my left ear tingled (!)

    So your back tingling could very well be due to your low B12. Or it could be that you have some kind of a back problem. My tingling went after I had my B12 loading injections, and comes back a couple of weeks before I am due my jab. So I've put it down to being caused by low B12 - and what I have read supports that.

  • Now that you mention it, I think I used to have issues with my scalp too - except it tingled and it was uncomfortable, borderline painful. I haven't had any of these symptoms since starting my injections, so hopefully it'll stay that way.

  • along with pins and needles in my hands and feet i get this feeling,its feels as though its right in the middle of my spine,it also feels as though the area is quite numb,it lasts for quite a while and comes at will, its very uncomfortable as i find it hard to sit or lie comfortably,have been to see a nuerologist who confirmed its not due to disc-degeneration or compression of the spine and in all likelyhood is related to p.a,i hope this isnt going to get any worse over time as its bad enough now as it is,it really needs investigating as soon as you can,i just hope your g.p is understanding enough to listen and take notice of what you tell them,mine didnt and by seeing one of the lady doctors at my practice who listened and took notice of what i told her,i now feel that im being taken seriously,she admitted that she really didnt know too much about b12 deficiency,p.a and what comes with it and with what little spare time she did have actually read up on this,she now understands just how dreadful this can make us feel most of the time and takes blood to monitor my iron and folate levels etc regularly,i think the hardest part is finding medical people that know enough about it to act accordingly,and actually sit up and take notice of how we feel and how it affects our every day lives.

  • Over the years I have had tingling in hands, feet, lower legs, spinal area, scalp, lips, face, tongue, groin. I have less tingling since starting B12.

  • Sorry to hear that. I have burning and tingling in my feet, tingling in index and little finger also scalp and shoulder all seem to improve when I have my b12 injection (which I have every 4weeks) a week before my injection is due it starts again definitely seems linked to my PA and b12 deficiency. Your b12 level is very low hope your GP treating you for it?

  • Yeah, I'm currently on my second loading dose of injections. Hopefully it works!

  • I have this had it for two years!!! Nobody has said anything to me about B12 however I am a strange one my bloods are always fine no markers at all just flare ups at the moment my pins and needles are worse than they have ever been... My fingers are so swollen... A new symptom is pain in my lower back.

  • They need to check your b12 Sunflower62. My symptoms improved with injections but some remained as it turns out they are also symptoms of fibromyalgia. It just took me a while to get one thing sorted which then revealed something else! As I'm still fairly new to this this site has helped keep me sane there are some very knowledgeable/helpful/understanding people on here it's a great help. Hope you get sorted. 😄

  • They are doing loads of bloods including B12 felt the GP I saw today was very understanding

  • An understanding GP is half the battle and worth their weight in gold.😄

  • Hi

    Re the tingling in your back it could defo be related to b12. As i have pernicious anaemia and my pains / tingling started in my mid back and ribs. Getting it thru to ur doc may however be s struggle as mine was looking for the classic hand / feet symptoms. But may be worth an ask ?

    Hope this helps a little bit

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