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Gen advice


I posted on here a while back. Eventually I saw the haematologist last week and he has prescribed me 4 loading does and then 3 monthly injections. Prior to seeing him I was told my folate and vit d levels were low. Should I also be supplementing for them? In addition my iron stores have been low and so I am also taking some iron tablets. Is this ok?

Thanks v much.


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Hi trew,

The very short answer (from a non medical person) is YES.

I'm actually amazed you GP hasn't prescribed (or suggested you supplement) all three if your blood tests show you are low.

You don't say if you have P.A. or absorption problems which might help the more qualified contributors on here to offer advice.

Meanwhile I wish you well with your injections - I've been on them for 44 years and I think they're working as I come up to my 75 birthday and free TV licence :D


Yes, it is OK to supplement with folic acid, iron and vitamin C. I take my iron with a fizzy-soluble vitamin C tablet. The vitamin C helps with the absorption of the iron.

Hope it all makes you feel better.


Reading your last post trew, with such low B12 and those neurological symptoms, it is essential you are treated more aggressively and frequently than your GP has prescribed and according to BCSH guidelines, (extract. below) to avoid further problems and irreversible damage, even if you have to self inject:

"The BNF advises that patients presenting with neurological symptoms should receive 1000 ug i.m. on alternate days until there is no further improvement".

The following link has templates for writing to your doctor as well as an excellent film, which also has important information on folic acid :


Here also is latest BMJ research document with a useful summary:


The research document is supported by many research papers and is peer reviewed.

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ps. I personally take an advanced nutritional complex, as well as vitamin C, and 5,000 I.u. vitamin D3 with K2 - the K2 is important to ensure D3 goes into your bones and not the arteries.


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