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Is this the correct Needle to order for Vitamin B12 Injections?


There are so many different ones? And my head is overloaded with information at the moment.....nothing seems to be sinking in :/

Or maybe someone could share a link that they use with correct needles.

Thank you in advance :)

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There is no such thing as the "correct" needle for B12 injections. There are a number of needle and syringe combinations that can be used depending on the type of injection, the amount of liquid being injected, injection site, depth of subcutaneous tissue etc.

Do you intend to do subcutaneous or intramuscular injections? The combined needle and syringe in your link is suitable for subcutaneous but not intramuscular as it is too short.

I do intramuscular injections using these needles:


and these syringes:


I tried subcutaneous injections briefly but reverted back to intramuscular as I find intramuscular more comfortable and less painful. I did not like the combined needles and syringes as in your link and if I ever tried subcutaneous again I would use the same 2ml syringes as I use at present for intramuscular, the same 23g needle to draw the B12 into the syringe and then change the needle for a shorter one such as this:


for injecting.


Thank you very much for all the info & the links, this all helps greatly. I am pretty new to all this & have felt very overwhelmed at times as my brain just won't seem to absorb even the simplest of things.

Kind Regards

Shelly :)

P.s rather cheekily ask's: could you send me a direct link to where you purchase your ampoules. I had to order from versandapo.de as i was struggling to find what I needed x


I buy hydroxocobalamin from Goldpharma in Germany - goldpharma.com. Direct links to products don't always work on their web site as you have to agree to a declaration before you can access the site. If the links don't work, agree to the declaration and then try the links again. If they still don't work, go into the site and put hydroxocobalamin into the search box. I buy either Lophacomp or Hevert, usually 20 ampoules at a time.



Be careful as those are both 1mg/2ml solutions which I prefer for intramuscular injections. If you want 1mg/1ml (same amount of hydroxo in half the volume of liquid and similar to what is supplied by the NHS), which are probably better for subcutaneous injections, then get the Rotexmedica:


There are some problems using credit cards to purchase pharmaceuticals online which mean that you may have to pay by bank transfer and your bank will charge for this.

The other commonly used source is MyCare - mycare.de. I think they are still accepting credit card payments but will insist on a bank transfer for your first order for some reason. I ordered from MyCare last week and my credit card was accepted but I then received an email saying I had to pay by bank transfer instead. My bank (First Direct) charges £4 for a euro transfer. MyCare's prices for the products are slightly lower than Goldpharma's but they charge a lot more for delivery which makes them more expensive overall. My order was shipped last Wednesday and hasn't arrived yet so the delivery appears to be no quicker than from Goldpharma despite the extra cost.

Some people buy from Amazon in Germany but I avoid dealing with Amazon on principle.


I do subq and I'm quite comfortable with it and these are the needles I use.

Can be a bit painful but compared to the pains I got from being B12 deficiency it is ratehr mild, but that's me.

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Thanks once again Gambit 62. A good point!!

Kind Regards



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