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Bluebonnet chelated iron

Hi I'm vegetarian an have a ferritin level of 8 up from 5 using spatone ive posted a few times asking about iron supplements. My doc prescribed ferrous gluconate but boots or Lloyds couldn't fulfill the order and no docs till 13th January. So I've brought the above after looking on amazon anyone else take it and how many tabs per day and is it the usual empty tummy with orange before breakfast type thing?

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Found this on Amazon - amazon.co.uk/Mason-Vitamins...


A pharmacy will usually order them for you if they don't have them. Read the packet to see how many to take - it depends on the strength. Yes - always take iron with vitamin C and on an empty stomach if you can.


Thank you for reply boots had tried on numerous occasions too fulfill my prescription and they couldn't I tried Lloyds and they didn't have the ability too order either I live on isle of Wight so maybe would be easier on mainland never mind I'm gonna try the chelated stuff now


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