I'm writing this post as I'm discusted that my doctors who I've been registered with for 15 years.Have struck me off there practice due to one missed appointment back in August I was told by receptionist that they no had doctors available to visit me at home. I was asked if I could make it to my local practice within 10 Mins ,, I told them I was in severe pain which I couldn't move ..I couldn't make the appointment But I arranged someone to take me When I arrived at my practice they were,more concerned that I didn't arrive within the 10 mins they asked .i Eventually seen my doctor ,And left with my prescription ..2 Weeks Later I Recieved A Letter Telling me that I'd been struck of the practice due To A So Called Missed appointment..I explained that My Mirtazapine which I've been taking for depression for the last five years was due and also that my vitamin b12 injection was 6 weeks late .. I've no doctors or medication plus urgently in need for my vitamin injection I now feel tired and weak and my hair is falling out all these side effects are causing me deep anxiety ..Please can you help me Yhanks for Reading This Shelly Wilson.

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  • I'm so sorry and shocked Shelly ! Shocked that the medical profession can descend to such arrogance and lack of compassion while you are in such a vulnerable position.

    It's difficult to know what to suggest. First of all, you could try phoning the PAS:



    01656 769467

    They may be willing to explain PA/B12 def. to your surgery.


    It may be a good thing though to change surgeries anyway if this is how patients are treated and, as you have nothing to lose, to write a letter of complaint.


    In the meantime, you could try asking Dr Chandy's site for B12 to self inject or try Jarrows Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg or B12 spray to take sublingually until you can get injections from a surgery.

    Take care

  • Sorry, the reply came out without the paragraphs 😕

  • Awe Thankyou Very Much for Your Advice,, I will Keep You Posted Love Shelly xxx

  • So sorry to hear about what happened.

    You might find your MP is interested in your experiences.

    Were you aware that a patient could be "struck off" for a missed appointment before it happened?

    I wondered if your GP surgery state this clearly on their website or display this information clearly somewhere in their surgery.

    It seems a bit extreme to be "struck off" after one missed appt. I could perhaps understand if a patient was constantly missing appts.

    Also to leave you without necessary prescriptions seems very uncaring.

    NHS England can investigate complaints but be warned that complaining about the NHS can get patients labelled as "difficult".

    I hope you find another GP practice that is more caring.

    Pressure was put on me to leave one surgery.

  • Thankyou For Your Reply ,, Marsh Street Surgery in Rothwell Have Got Worse, Appointments Can Take Upto 2 Weeks Due To Cuts Xxxx

  • Seems very wrong to me. Should contact local health authority to find out about getting a new GP or visit one of the out of hours services. You clearly need medical advice and help. Good luck. I made complaints to the practice manager and it was resolved fairly amicably.

  • This sounds a very harsh way to be treated over one missed appointment. I think you can complain to the local CCG, and I believe they are obligated to find you another GP. My elderly in laws were removed from their surgery list ( several years ago), seemingly because they were no longer within the catchment area of that surgery. They'd been with them for around fifty years! When they'd move there, there weren't many doctors in the area, and certainly not nearby. Obviously they felt very upset at the prospect of going elsewhere, but I have to say the GP they were moved to was marvellous. He proved to be very caring, and cared for them both extremely well up until they died. Best wishes MariLiz

  • Most areas have a GP drop-in surgery where you don't have to be registered. I would get onto your local NHS care commissioning group website and see if there is one. You could also go to another surgery and ask for an emergency appointment even if they can't take you (many have full lists) If that fails then you are perfectly justified in going to A and E!

    The NHS is obliged to provide you with care, just because one doctor is being a bugger. And you will hardly want to go back there anywy!

    This sort of thing can be horribly upsetting. If you are by nature someone who likes fighting injustice then its fine. If not I would suggest going to the CAB who will help and support you.

  • Thanks I'm still having no luck,, Feel Terrible Weak ,Breathless , not Good At All xxxxx Thanks Again Very Useful Information xx

  • Can I ask what area you live in? Could this be linked to you being a patient who is in the upper bracket when it comes to appointments? I do believe its possible that docs are looking for excuses to shed patients who need more than the odd few appointments annually or who are costly. Their budgets have changed recently in how they are administered. You should contact Pulse.

  • Hi I Live In Rothwell Leeds 26 , I've Been With Marsh Street Surgerys For 15 years and Was Struck Off recently Thanks Information Useful xx


    This appears to be standard practice...shocking. Any GP that could comply with such an arrangement ought to be struck off as they are breaching the hippocratic oath (def. Google it!).

    This is probably what your treatment is really about as they have clearly taken drastic measures over a very minor issue and behaved entirely unreasonably. Perhaps you are one of the 'higher cost' patients - you should absolutely contact your MP.

    Good luck and I know its not much help - but Ive met many people who have experienced similar outrageous treatment from their GPs. Its becoming a common problem as they put budgets ahead of patients xx

  • Hi,

    HDA Patient Care Trust

    This charity may be of help. They offer free medical second opinions on treatment and diagnosis.

    There is an online contact form on the website. They usually get back to people pretty quickly.

    020 7935 8366

    As Polaris mentioned, it may be helpful to ring the PAS. If you leave a message they will get back to you.


    01656 769467

    This website is also is run by a B12 deficiency sufferer who is sympathetic.

    There is an e-mail contact on the website.

    Other links

  • Tell them you'll see them in court. Watch how fast they backtrack.

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