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started self injecting and just need some feedback please.

Hi all

Quick recap. I'm waiting to see an Endocrinologist 22nd of this month but a retired doctor I spoke to privately regarding my situation told me not to wait any longer before starting injections as I've been ill for so many years and could have lasting nerve damage. I trust his judgement and he told me what tests to make sure the Endo carries out incase I may have other things going on.

Was diagnosed this year with Osteoporosis and severe dental decay. Have low D3 and B12 is just within the range therefore considered 'normal' and GP wants more advice from outside the Practice!!

So I've bitten the bullet and started self injecting for the last 3 days with Methylcobalamin.

Was advised to inject 1ml for 7 days then twice the following week, then once a month unless symptoms remain the same or worsen again.

I couldn't get the recommended syringes (25g 1/2") as just gone out of production. After going through some old posts I plumped for 27g 1/2". I dont' feel confident enough to do intramuscular at the mo so am doing subcutaneous upper outer quarter of my 'behind' (courtesy of youtube vid). First one hurt as did it too low. Second one was fine but today was slightly in wrong spot and stung a bit but didn't leave a mark. So getting better at it.

As I'm very sensitive to lots of things I didn't feel confident enough to inject 1ml so have started on 0.5 ml and thought I could build it up over 2 weeks instead.

Any thoughts on this approach and equipment I'm using would be much appreciated.

And plenty of reassurance too very much welcome as I haven't the steadiest of hands (another symptom)

cheers sallybones

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I only started self injecting 5 weeks sgo and did them every other day for about 3 weeks, now it's weekly. I only inject 5mg a shot which is a high dose which was recommend as I have neurological symptoms and have been deficient for years. I use a micro fine needle which is fixed to the syringe. I get them from medisave. They are 0.5 ml and 33mm, 29g and 127mm. They cost £22 approx for 200. I gotva sharps bin for about £3.

I use the z track method to inject into my muscle. Look on this method makes sure it goes into the myscle which is more effective and leaves less of a mark.

A low dose is probably not going to do much if you have had it a long time. I find these needles suit me, no pain at all! I was very nervous at first but it's got better. You should have them until symptoms stop improving p, then as and when.

Sorry, had busy day and feeling very tired so reply is all over the place! Lots of typos.

Needles from

Good luck. :-)


Thank you for your reply. I've heard of Z track and had no idea what it was! I've now looked it up.

Having seen what it is I will continue to leave the muscle relaxed, stick the needle in slowly and massage the area afterwards as for me doing their method hurts me and causes bruises!!

Isn't it funny how different things suit different people and I guess we should all try different methods until we find what works for us.

Very well done on SI and good luck with getting better!


I think I read somewhere that you should not massage the area afterwards, but I can't for the life of me remember why! Maybe it promotes bruising? I know if I have any stinging it is usually when I remove the needle and I definitely don't feel like touching it then. You are right, we all need to find what is best for us because we are all different. :-)


One theory is that it can push the B12 back out but it hasn't been the case for me. "Rubbing it better" seals the puncture wound in the skin and distributes the solution among the muscle fibres taking the pressure off one area.

And - why I do it - makes it feel better sooner!!


Yeah, it may depend on what method you use. It may be ok to massage if you inject sub Q. I've never tried it, only ever done z-track. On the link above it says, 'never massage the site of your z-track injection. This may cause the medication to leak. It may also cause irritation.'

I'm tempted to 'rub it better,' but to scared to try now! I've just done a shot and it's been stinging more than usual. Think I did it too low and being right handed I'm always a little shaky injecting in my left leg. You don't want to be shaky with a needle in your hand!

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I've done more than 300 IM jabs now on me and hundreds more on various animals and pretty much always rub it afterwards to positive effect so don't worry if you feel you'd like to. I promise you it does help to make it feel better sooner and there's never been a problem with doing it.

I choose to do it differently from what is recommended by the Z track coz that stings and isn't considered best practice for animals where welfare is paramount, but if it works for you that's great!

I'm really interested by what you said about your left leg - if I'm going to get a reaction it is usually from my left leg and occasionly I have to use my right leg two days running!

It is better now than it used to be so it might just be my technique on that side but I don't think it is. Curious!

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Some people do 0.5mg and it works for them. 1mg was probably chosen because of averages around rates at which B12 is lost in urine - the rate is highest when the amount of B12 in your blood is highest so it's possible that it could actually work better for you given that you are looking at quite frequent injections.

Curious about the method you have chosen for injecting - most people doing subQ would either go for the stomach or the thigh - which sounds easier than the behind. May be worth having a look at some other you-tube videos on injections - lots of things get injected sub-Q.


My long term diabetic injector friend would never recomend your btm to inject into when i ask about doing mine he said its one of the most painful places for some reason.

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I've got so much 'padding' on my behind that I would need a very long needle!



Very well done for trying.

I SI hydroxocobalamin IM and can't advise you on SC but there is more information and lots of helpful people with experience on the Facebook support group

Keep going - once you find what works for you everything gets easier.

Don't forget all the cofactors needed to metabolise the B12 - a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium and magnesium at least.


Let me tell you it really really sucks the first time with all the anticipation of doing it yourself! ESPECIALLY if you hurt yourself like i did! One out of 6 times isn't so bad I guess right? Haha. I just throw it into my thigh like a dart! You should ice it for a few mins first! I'm too much of a weenie to do it without it being numb lol. My problem is the idiots at the pharmacy instead of giving me a 30ml bottle they give me 6 1ml bottles and it's SO HARD to draw more than half a dose out of it. So frustrating sometimes and I just started. I wish you luck and to get used to because this is..well..for life! ;D


I inject subcutaneous in my tummy fat every other day. I do 1ml hydroxy which I draw up in one go with a fixed insulin needle. I do warm up the ampoule in my bra for a few minutes. It's very simple and usually pain free. If it stings half way I just wait a couple of seconds before carrying on. Sorted!

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Thank you all so much for replying with really helpful stuff.

It stung a bit today too so I will try my stomach next I think and then move on to thigh. For some reason I always think it will be more painful in my thigh but may be not from what quite a few of you say. Will watch a few more videos too.

I've found it's better not to massage area after injection as that hurts momentarily and bruises.

The Methylcobalamin is not very thick so the insulin needle works quite well. I did wonder though if half inch length was long enough?

Is anyone else injecting Methylcobalamin? It's better for me only because it contains no preservatives. Although you try anything when desperation hits.

cheers SallyB


I must be ignorant but what is the Z Track please?!,,


Not sure if allowed to post this link Chocolate41 but if so here is a good explanation.


Why would you not be allowed to post that link?


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