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Gastritis ?

I can only assume I have just suffered my first bout of gastritis. I was squatting whilst weeding in the garden during a couple of hours and began to feel discomfort. My back ached and then I could barely straighten up for the pain in my stomach - above and below my navel. Does this sound like gastritis?

Some hours later, I feel much more comfortable after resting and eating a poached egg. I am sorry to sound so precious but I am about to leave for a road trip (I live in Australia) tomorrow morning and cannot see my doctor for 2 weeks.

If this does sound like gastritis, has anyone found what works to ease the pain?

Thanks, it seems there is always someone who will have some helpful hints.

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I was wondering something similar about myself lately and have been looking online for descriptions of what gastritis feels like. From what I've read, your description doesn't really fit with what I've read about. The two things that make me think it might be something else are the back ache and the pain in your lower abdomen. Gastritis affects the stomach (more precisely the stomach lining). The stomach is above the navel and a bit toward the left side of the body. It sounds like your pain was centered more in your small intestines. If the back ache was directly related to the stomach ache (as opposed to being caused by weeding the garden), that could be a cause for concern. If you continue to experience those symptoms it would be best to see a doctor when you are able to.

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Thanks, Galixie.

I am feeling ok this morning after sleeping through. Tummy a bit tender and my feet seem to have reverted to the pain I suffered pre-injection.

I had wondered if it was to do with the jaffa ice cream I shared while at the cinema as I have not been eating dairy for months. I will keep an eye on things.

Thanks, Beth


Hi Beth,

Was this cramping pain? Steady ongoing? Sharp, dull? Which part of back? Stomach pain associated with back pain can be related to serious conditions, so if the symptoms return I would try to be seen right away. Especially if it's the first time they've occurred, and if you are of an older age. I hope that's not the case and that you enjoy your vacation.


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No that was not gastritis. Gastritus is an infection. If left unchecked you would start vomiting etc. What you are describing is either a stomach ulcer or a medication side effect. Neurotin is one that will do that. Try taking DGL I've been using it instead of prescription meds and it works great. Good luck


Nope. Gastritis means inflammation of the stomach lining. This can be caused by an infection (especially H. pylori) but can also be cause by many other factors - alcohol, NSAIDS, gastric atrophy (suffered by all with PA), stress and cocaine.

There is some evidence that DGL works against ulcers. For anything else there is zero evidence that it does anything.


I have just stumbled across the later replies to my post. Thanks everyone, I was fine the next morning but in the muddle to depart I forgot my laptop so did not see your posts. I did end up thinking it may have been an ulcer but everything has been fine so I am no closer to an answer.


What's the longest anyone as suffered a flare up of gastritis ?


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