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No improvement on B12 IM.Am I doing something wrong?

I am taking B12 shots since 3 weeks now.I started with 500mcg IM x4 times a week.Took that for 2 weeks then started taking 1mg everyday,3 days ago.(1mg injections on my belly)

I see no improvement other than my skin looking a little fresh.Huge pimple that I had on my chin is gone now.My memory was poor before but after starting b12 injections,I think I am going to lose all of it.I can't even make a simple sentence.I am beginning to forget words and it's so difficult to write about my situation here.

I can't cross my legs because they get numb and I can feel the blood rushing through my legs when I get up.

No improvement in fatigue but I can see moons on my fingers growing back.(They are stuck at one point though...lol)

I am taking Methylcobalmine form.I was thinking if this form is causing me the issues or is not right for me?

The strange eye ache is also back :( My eyes are sensitive to light and ears are sensitive to noise.Even the slightest loud noise gives me this horrible dull pain in my head and eyes.Also laptop and mobile screens give me the same pain in my head and eyes.

Can someone pls tell me if Methylcobalmine is good or not for hypothyroid people?

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Have you actually been diagnosed as B12 deficient? If so, did they determine the cause? Is your doctor following your hypothyroidism? I gather that regular blood tests are necessary to keep the medication at the right level.


My b12 level was too low.The test results are on my profile.

I have other deficiencies as well due to my low stomach acid.But Im treating those at the same time.I also take a b complex supp.along with b12 shots.


Health shops sell a product to replace stomach acid, if thats the underlying cause makes sense to address that first.


I have read that some people experience an increase in symptoms when they start to supplement.

Do you know your ferritin and folate levels? I think a person needs good levels of folate and iron in order for the uptake of B12 to be good.

Some people experience a drop in potassium levels (Hypokalaemia) when they start treatment. Has your doctor checked your potassium levels?


Thanks Sleepybunny for replying to me.

My folate was too high but my Iron was low normal.I do supplement with 100 mg iron.

I read that Hypokalameia is rare but I will add more potassium rich food in my diet just to be sure that Im getting enough potassium everyday.

I haven't checked my potassium levels recently but before starting t4 treatment,my potassium level and all electrolytes were normal.Sadly,t4 treatment made me really sick and caused so many deficiencies. I won't be surprised if I get deficient in potassium.I will ask my doctor to check my electrolytes again when I visit him for my thyroid test next month.


For me an increase in symptoms is a good thing. It means I'm healing. On the first and second round I had some bad symptoms, but before long they cleared. Then I upped the dose, because I'd plateaud. I'd feel lots of the symptoms again, but not as many, then I felt a lot better but upped it again after another plateau and again the symptoms came back, but again not as many. Currently I'm waiting for those to clear and, I expect I'll have to up them yet again before I'm clear of all of them.


Thanks dear for your reply.

Are you taking mcbl or hdcbl?


Yes, both and adenosylcobalamin, plus a ton of other things - co factors I think they call them.

I keep a check on my potassium levels with my bp. If it goes up, I need more potassium, if it goes down I may need more salt, though it's always possible that one needs both of them as the cells repair. Just a big guessing game really.

Good luck.

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I notice that your folate levels were high - this could be an indication that you have a methylation problem - ie your body absorbs folate but can't convert it to the methylated forms that the body needs at the cell level. This can affect B12 as well. Although that would seem to imply that taking a methlylated form of vitamins would be a good thing it doesn't always work out that way - there are a number of genetic mutations that can be involved and they all do different things ... and for some taking methylated forms can actually work against them - it's all rather complicated but I think this is quite a good introduction to the subject.


Unfortunately, if you are UK based, you can't get MTHFR checked on the NHS and the chances of a GP being aware of it in anything other than a scathing way (unfortunately it has been a bit of a band-wagon in some sectors of the alternative health market leading to pushing methylated forms of vitamins unnecessarily). However, getting the genes tested isn't that expensive - though getting a decent interpretation of what the results actually mean can be a lot more complex.


Thanks for your reply.

I think my folate has gone high because of high folate supplementation.My doctor didnt bother to check my b12,iron or folate when my blood report showed low hemoglobin.He just gave me iron +folic acid 135mcg.I was also taking folic acid through my multivitamin drink already.It has 370mcg folic acid.I still take that drink but no other supplement with extra folic acid.I also drink my green smoothie.I mostly use cucumber,romaine lettuce,carrot,apple.Sometimes leeks,fennel and baby spinich or kale.I can't avoid folic acid in natural food but I am keeping an eye on my b12.Previously my diet was very poor anf it didnt have much nutrients in it.

My doctor wont check MTHFR so it's useless to ask him.

Should I change my mcbl injections to hydroxo or cynocobal?

I also read that high folate is also a sign of adrenal fatigue and maybe that could one of the r3asons why I was not doing well on t4?


I'm not knowledgeable about thyroid.

Yes, the supplementation is likely to be the reason for the high folate levels ... sounds like GP fell into the classic trap of supplementing folate without really making sure that B12 wasn't a problem.

I can't comment really on whether you should change from methly-cobalamin but as B12 isn't toxic it is certainly something to think about.

Personally I use a mix of hydroxo (good for psychiatric problem), methyl and adenosyl (good for feeling and range of movement in my ankles). We are all individuals and we all respond in different ways and at the moment experimenting is usually the easiest way of finding out what works best for you.

There is no guarantee that any format of B12 works better.

Suggest you consult GP on the thyroid side - though know even that can be an uphill battle at times.


Thanks again Gambit for your reply and help :)


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