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Wanted - B12 Specialist

My GP has finally told me to see a NHS specialist.

I've seen specialists before (Neurologist / Biochemists), but no one recently.

He would like to refer me, and has left it open to who I see on the NHS anywhere in the country.

The doctor could me be any specialist.

But I'm guessing the best specialist to see would be a Neurologist(?)

Can anyone recommend an excellent specialist to be referred to?

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If it is a neurologist you are after you want DR schumacher from Manchester. He is an asset to the neurological community.


As far as I know there are no B12 specialists. With a diagnosis of Pernicious Anaemia you would probably see a haematologist.

This seems the closest in terms of testing but I don't know if there are any associated consultants.

If you contact the PA Society pernicious-anaemia-society.... they might be able to help.

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Doesn't really matter what profession the consultant is, as long as I can be referred on to somebody else.

Just want to make sure, I see someone who understands the condition and give ny GP a 'heads up' on what treatment is required.


Hi. The PAS gave me the name of a society called the British Society for Ecological Medicine (they have a website). They hold a list of doctors across the country who will treat people with B12 deficiency - they can offer methylcobalamin injections at whatever frequency works for you and will teach you to self -inject. The downside is that the treatment is private so you may want to go down the NHS route first. The difficulty lies in finding an NHS specialist who will treat the symptoms not the test results and will give injections as often as you need them.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your search.

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Hi, you are in a good position here and it got me thinking...I have PA and I ve researched b12d looking for a way forward. appears that sports and nutrition specialists, vets and probably a clinical endocrinologist would be the persons i would seek out. Neurologist and gastro should be helpful but in my experience they are looking at pathology ( evidence that you are dying ) sports n nutrition people want you alive and at peak performance, hence they look at conditions that hinder peak performance and are better able to spot it ( my conclusion ). Look for specialists who value the role of b12 in the body....

Just a thought...😕


I think you hit the spot there.

The NHS haematologist my GP is talking to, seems to think out of the box (to a point...).

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Hi GetTheJDin , a very late question on this but did your haematologist help you with a diagnosis ? If so where and what is their name ? I'm in London and the haematology team at UCLH haven't got a clue re pernicious anemia !! My GP will only perscibe on the say so of a neurologist or haematologist !! It's gonna take months and I'm really unwell .

Many thanks :)


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