And another lucky one

Yipee. Just got back from seeing my GP. I went with a list of symptoms that haven't improved since my loading doses 12 weeks ago. He was interested in the BMJ review paper I gave him and decided that my neurological symptoms had got worst since I was first diagnosed.

He's agreed with me that I need tests for MMA and holotranscobalamin as well as thyroid hormones. He's going to refer me to a haematologist and he's given me prescriptions for Gabapentin (for the needles in my toes that keep me awake) and for Hydroxocobalamin ampoules sufficient for me to self-inject once per week.

There are some doctors out there willing to listen and learn (he didn't know that active B12 tests were available). I feel so lucky to have one.

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  • That's great news! Good luck with the tests, treatment and referral.

  • Best Wishes...Happy for You!


  • Well done! I am convinced presenting a piece of paper makes the symptoms seem more real, somehow. My GP said it was being more 'scientific' keeping a record of my body's reactions. I encourage everyone to present written evidence to support their case.

  • Hi fbirder, any chance of a link to the bmj article you gave to your GP. Thank you

  • Sure. It's only available on subscription, but you can sign up for a 2 week trial. It's here -

  • Wow thats Great news really happy for you f.birder

  • Glad to hear that your GP is taking action.

  • So wonderful for you!!

    Hope this will be the start of a journey towards better health! Well done!

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